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Portsmouth, Hampshire

Need help with your Google search results? Is your website hard to find online? Why not chat with Tidy Design, a digital marketing agency based in Portsmouth, Hampshire.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is all about focusing on keywords (phrases people type into Google) and using these keywords to attract visitors to your website. A good SEO campaign will look at both internal and external elements of a website, making sure a website is able to compete and convert increased traffic into increased sales. Here at Tidy Design we understand that every SEO campaign is different and some SEO campaigns will see results quicker than others. Consider your sector, competitors and marketing budget, these are important factors that will influence the success of an organic SEO campaign.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Your competitors (who currently ranks top of Google) are the reason we all have to work so hard to build search engine visibility. If a website is top of Goole, it will likely see more visits per day, week, month and year. Increased traffic equals increased sales / brand awareness. This is very important for any website, business, product or service… Understanding why (or more importantly how) a website ranks high on Google is key to online success. Working as a team we can put on our detective hats on and investigate both internal and external factors – this data gives us (your website) direction.

Sponsored Ads

Google offers sponsored links AKA Google ads or Google AdWords, this allows businesses to pay a fee to appear in the search results for relevant keywords (search queries). Sponsored links can guarantee brand exposure and attract new visitors to your website, however you are paying per click, so it can get quite expensive if the chosen “keywords” are competitive / costly. You will also find websites such as Facebook and Instagram offering sponsored ads, it is a means to boost visibility. Personally we would opt for organic over paid as its conversation rate will be much higher, people trust organic more.

Local SEO in Portsmouth

Focusing on local SEO can make life easier and generate results quicker. For example; Tidy Design ranking top of Google for “Web Design” would be difficult, there are some big players in this industry (those who can afford TV adverts and have giant marketing budgets). By targeting “Web Design Portsmouth” our chances of page one are much higher, it has a smaller search volume, however we can grow brand awareness locally. We’d also suggest building your local SEO campaign around your ‘Google My Business’ listings, this is something we should all look to utilise in 2020.

Digital Marketing Agency Portsmouth

Tidy Design offers a wide range of digital marketing services. Our core business is bespoke web design however we also enjoy SEO and the process of lead generation via social media or content marketing campaigns.