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About Tidy Design

Approved NHS suppliers, we pride ourselves on building long lasting personal relationships with all our clients. Tidy Design loves to collaborate and think outside the box…

Web Design Southsea, Portsmouth

Tidy Design has been in business for 17+ years and has clients located all over the south coast, we’d love to work with you too! Looking for a web designer based in Portsmouth, Hampshire? Need some help climbing the rankings on Google? Interested in some bespoke artwork or graphics for your project?

A Tidy Story

Old Portsmouth

After Mike’s graduation in 2005, like so many other graduates, he was unsure which career path to follow. With a flare for art, design and a love for business, Mike put his hand to web design. Thanks to online tutorials, late nights and lots of caffeine, he quickly learnt the skills needed to create stylish, professional and creative websites. Working at a hotel, Mike spent most evenings and weekends building up a portfolio of clients. In 2007 Tidy Design became his full-time job and later started to employ some developers. After a few years working from home, Mike’s first born Isaac made him think it was time to get a bigger office! Tidy Design relocated from Southsea to Old Portsmouth in 2011, this was to be Tidy’s home for over five years…

Port Solent

Tidy Design relocated again in June 2017 to a modern, clean and corporate office in Port Solent. A larger office allowed Tidy Design to develop its business model, boost staff productivity and cater for growth. Throughout 2018-2019 Tidy Design spent a lot of time reviewing and perfecting its in-house build processes. Sadly Tidy Design vacated its swanky Port Solent office back in May 2020, the byproduct of COVID-19, lockdowns and a cost cutting review…

Remote Working

Like lots of businesses Tidy Design started to work remotely in 2020. As Mike juggled home schooling with running a business, the plan was to continue with remote working until the COVID-19 saga unfolded. Tidy Design embraced technology such as Slack, WhatsApp Business, Teams, Zoom and Yay for client and staff communication. When it came to reviewing flexible working hours and office space in early 2022, the list of advantages outweighed the disadvantages…


As if by fate Mike returned to Southsea in May 2021, buying a place on Clarendon Road. A lot has changed in recent years, but our core business values remain. Tidy Design is proud to have such great relationships with all their clients. The plan is to continue building and developing these relationships, offering the best services and products we can. Want to find out more about Tidy Design? Please contact us today!

A Tidy Journey

Are you looking to develop a new website or maybe update an existing one? Or, do you need some bespoke artwork or unique graphics? Why not contact Tidy Design today with your project requirements, let's start our journey together...