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Tidy FAQs

Have a question for Tidy Design? Maybe you are starting a website from scratch, re-designing what’s currently there, or looking for guidance? If a question isn’t answered below, please contact us.

Can I arrange a meeting?

Prior to setting a meeting with a new client we do like to gain as much information as possible about the project. This helps us identify if your project is something we can actually deliver on within your time-frame and budget. Please download our project spec document to get started.

How much will a website cost?

The cost of a website will depends on your requirements, there are many variables to consider. Tidy Design charges £50 (ex vat) per hour and offer a bespoke web development and design service. The bigger and more technically challenging a project, the more hours we’d need to allocate. Once we have a project spec we can assign an approx timescale and cost.

What is a development budget?

This is the total amount of money assigned to your project. We'd divided this by Tidy Design's hourly rate, giving us a time-frame for tasks. A development budget gets allocated between the time a project is started and the time it is completed. We'd be happy to work around a development budget if you have one, delivering a MVP (Minimal Viable Product) as phase one.

Does Tidy have a process?

Collaboration is key to a great looking website. Tidy Design has created a process document that looks at how we work with our clients and build long term business relationships. Please download and take a look.

What is a development link?

When Tidy Design starts a new project we provide the customer with a development link. This link will show our progress in real-time. We find this approach to web development works really well, it lets customers have their say and contribute towards the design. This also puts the customer at ease, it shows progress is actually being made. Regular emails (project updates) will also be sent out during its design. These emails contain an overview of the work we have done, keeping you in the loop.

Can you help update my website?

The short answer is "yes", but it depends on framework and website age. Please email us a link to the website in question and we will happily take a look. Please note; older websites do come with “technical debt” so a small update may take additional time to process depending on the site structure and code-base. Helping clients (both old and new) with website updates is a big part of our day job, we are always happy to help and put forward suggestions.

How long till my website is ready?

This all depends on the project, its complexity and our workload at the time. You may find we are able to jump on it next week, or our diary could be booked up for 6-8 weeks in advance! Before we start any design and development work, we will discuss with the customer his/her timescale and deadline. We always endeavour to reach customer deadlines, but the more notice we have the better. Also, if additions get added to a project during its development, timelines and launch dates will likely be extended. So to conclude; the more notice we have the better, this allows us to plan ahead.

Will you host my website?

We are happy to help map out and consult with you on website hosting. If you already have website hosting with another company then this is not a problem. We simply require access to the server your website is hosted on prior to its deployment (your hosting company should be able to give you/us cPanel access). Here at Tidy Design we have our own VPS (Virtual Private Server) and host many websites for clients, we could certainly help with your hosting requirements.

How much is website hosting?

This will depend on your hosting requirements, the smaller websites we manage pay £75-£150 (ex vat) per annum. The larger websites we manage (those on their own VPS, Virtual Private Server) pay £100+ (ex vat) per month. We are more than happy to discuss your hosting options with you, please give us a call. You will find cheap “shared hosting” packages online if you shop around, however, like most things in life you do get what you pay for. Cheaper hosting is more affordable, however your website may well be one of several hundred on a shared IP address, this is not great for Google.

What are your payment terms?

For all new projects we require a 50% deposit prior to starting work (unless otherwise agreed). Once received, we will make a start on your project. The remaining balance becomes payable on completion or if/when the deposit amount (hours worked) is exceeded. This will depend on the size of your project and number of hours allocated. When it comes to any ongoing support and/or updates we charge in 15 minute intervals, this gets recorded and forms part of a daily timesheet. Charging in 15 minute intervals helps to keep costs down for our clients. Tidy Design works on a "pay as you go” basis, covering time and material. All work gets logged and billed for at month-end, payment terms 30 days net.

Do you offer a set price for websites?

This is not how we work sorry, we charge per hour covering our time and material. Please note we are happy to quote for work, this will be an approximate cost based on the work involved and the time required to complete it. A formal project specifications doc would be drafted by Tidy Design, this would list both tasks and the associated man-hours. Before this document is created we do require a project spec from the customer (something in black and white, a project overview), ideally this would contain; all content finalised, graphics and photography, website pages and functionality.

Can you help write a project spec?

The short answer is yes, however we would (unless otherwise agreed) charge for our time, research and support. A quick disclaimer; as this is your own business / project, it is down to you to map out all content, photos, functionality, pages, unique selling points, its purpose, end-goals, target audience, etc… Although we are happy to assist and consult on these matters, the process of creating a “project spec” can be very time consuming (done properly).

Can you assist with website content?

Website content (text, photos and/or graphics) are the responsibility of the website or business owner. If you wish to employ a content writer, artist or photographer to assist with this then please let us know. Maybe you are looking for some honest feedback or guidance on content? Someone to skim over a draft content doc, reviewing items such as your “keyword density” and use of “header tags”, if so Tidy Design can help...

Still have a question?

If you’ve still got a question feel free to drop us a line. However, if your question was covered above take a look at some of our recent projects...