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3rd April, 2020

With most of us on COVID-19 lockdown, social media and Netflix usage will be going through the roof! With this in mind, staying up to date with current trends and topics is important for all marketing and business folk. Successful marketing campaigns and shareable social media content will often spark reaction, so “what you share” and “when you share it” is important.

COVID-19 drawings

During my COVID-19 lockdown I have been creating some Coronavirus artwork for social media, a few Tidy awareness posters. This artwork has been pretty successful from a social media perspective. I’ve shared it via posts, comments and direct messages. One of my tweets received almost 24K impressions and 7K engagements in just 24 hours! This is a lot of eyes on my artwork, lots of people digesting important messages such as “Stay Home” and “Wash Your Hands”

Social Media Advertising Portsmouth

To reach so many people in such a short space of time was pretty amazing, plus the likes, retweets and comments received have been awesome! I am planning to create a few more Coronavirus awareness posters over the weeks / months ahead.

Need Help Producing Social Media Content?

Last weekend I helped a client of ours create a fun little video for their social media accounts. This mini home-project took the best part of a day (and evening) to map out and produce. Remember; your business maybe serious but your social content doesn’t have to be. Think outside the box, give your followers a mix of news, value and fun.

Need Help Producing Social Media Content?

It all started off with a Saturday morning storyboard, this soon became a set design, 120 photos plus a few short videos. Note to self; shooting in RAW is great, however editing 100+ photos does take time! Once all media was good to go, I imported everything into my video editing software and got to work on a short movie. Under one minuted is ideal for Instagram and attention spans, I’d keep this in mind when producing social content.

Example Social Media Content

Both client feedback and customer reactions have been brilliant! It goes to show that a quality social media post (be it a collection of artwork or a video) is well worth the time investment. Let’s all opt for quality over quantity.

“Groundwater AND Lego! Doesn’t get better than that. And good to see I’m not the only one loving the bricks!”
— LinkedIn Comment

If you would like some help with your social media content then please drop us an email. Here at Tidy Design we love to brainstorm ideas, and we’d be happy to assist with its creation. I hope you enjoyed the video and artwork, take care and keep safe…


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