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Shannen Mythen Art


Shannen Mythen Art is a creator. Shannen uses multiple mediums to bring her ideas to life, from acrylic paints and resin, to mixes of yarn, wool and fleece, if it can be made into something, Shannen's tried it. Following her passion Shannen's taking her creative eyes and is carving a direction for her life being able to do what she loves.

The Goal

To give Shannen a place where she can show her art to the world. Shannen needed a website where she could regularly update her portfolio alongside managing her own shop. The site needed to made in a manner that allowed for the flexibility of a young businesses life, allowing for change to be undertaken easily.

View Site
View Site

What We Did

  • CMS
  • Bespoke WordPress Theme
  • WooCommerce Shop Integration
  • Custom Product Ordering Features
  • Logo Design
  • SEO
  • Site Maintenance

Creation Story

We worked closely with Shannen during the creation of her site. Taking her ideas, discussing them back and forth before making them happen. Shannen came to us with a lot of ideas, a lot of ideas we were excited to build upon. We took logo sketches and made them into fully fledged logos. We took shop thoughts and built a bespoke ordering process allowing customers to fine tune small details for custom artwork. Shannen's site has seen a lot of progression over the time we've worked with her, including brand new ways of how the shop looks and behaves along with branding changes which spread over nearly all aspects of the site. This creation story is on-going, and one that's been an enjoyable process for both sides.

What They Said

  • "I was a little nervous about the website design process as it came with so many different elements, each that I wanted to be perfect! Tidy Design put me at ease straight away, working with my many ideas, expectations and thoughts while also teaching me along the way. Mike helped me realise the effectiveness and purpose of a simple logo, he helped me understand branding on a different level and worked with me to create the ideal colour palette for my site. My initial ideas were moulded and influenced by Mike and the outcome was very different but I couldn’t be happier. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to collaborate with on this project and I am very excited to see what the next step will bring."

    Shannen Mythen | Creator

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