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Ormesby Manor


Ormesby Manor, a stunning 19th-century estate in Norfolk, is the perfect venue for bespoke weddings, corporate events, and special celebrations. With its picturesque grounds and various charming settings, it caters to those seeking an exclusive and unforgettable experience in Norfolk.

The Goal

The main goal of this project was to retain the visually appealing aspects of the existing website while fundamentally enhancing its functionality and codebase. This involved making subtle user experience improvements while providing a solid foundation for future development. The challenge was to maintain the site's aesthetics while ensuring that the underlying architecture met modern standards and allowed for seamless growth and evolution.

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View Site

What We Did

  • CMS
  • Bespoke WordPress Theme
  • SEO
  • Consultation
  • Site Maintenance

Creation Story

This project began with an existing design framework that required refinement in terms of user experience. We identified areas of improvement through navigating the site and engaging in discussions with the client to understand their specific project objectives. When transitioning to the development phase, we embarked on a comprehensive overhaul of the website. Every element was recreated within our custom build process, enabling the use of modern web practices and technologies. This strategic approach not only facilitated improved page loading speeds but also helped garner favour with search engines, particularly Google. Upon project completion, we seamlessly transitioned into leveraging the enhanced foundation, promptly introducing new elements such as landing page templates for PPC campaigns. This process not only retained the site's visual appeal but also laid a robust groundwork for future expansions and optimisations.

What They Said

  • "Thank you for all of your efforts to get us up and running, we are very pleased with the updated website."

    Kim | Business Owner

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