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Sea Life Art

Sea Life Art is an in-house project started in 2019. This website has been set up to embrace, promote and support our underwater friends. It also aims to showcase Mike’s illustration work, an array of different sea creatures in an array of different art styles.

The end-goal is hundreds (if not thousands) of illustrations added to this website over the years ahead. So when someone Google’s “blue fish drawing” or “whale illustration” they will find “Sea Life Art” thus link through to Tidy Design.

In 2020 we aim to develop this website further, adding a “buy now” or “request a print” functionality. But this will come later, for now it’s about building stock AKA adding more artwork and improving organic search results.

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What They Said

  • "We loved the shark and are getting compliments on it all the time."

    Laura, Haslemere | Art Purchaser

  • "I received a Christmas gift from Mike, opening the present I was stunned to see that he had drawn a wonderful picture of one of my dogs. The level of detailed is amazing, I'm so pleased with it! I love seeing Mike's work, so I'm over the moon to have a piece from him being so personalised."

    Nicky, Portsmouth | Art Purchaser

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