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The Queens Hotel


The Queens Hotel is a prestigious, history rich hotel in the heart of Southsea. Built in 1861 as a large private home and then converting to a hotel in 1865, making it one of the first in Portsmouth. The Queens Hotel has recently undergone a luxurious renovation, giving a new life to a mainstay of the Portsmouth horizon.

The Goal

To showcase the beauty of the Queens Hotel and the facilities which it offers through a bespoke WordPress build. The hotel has multiple restaurants and bars, hosts weddings and corporate events and maintains an ongoing list of events. All of these needed to be clearly detailed in an easy to digest manner whilst keeping the sites design matching the elegance which the hotel prides itself on.

View Site
View Site

What We Did

  • CMS
  • Bespoke WordPress Theme
  • Design Work
  • SEO
  • Consultation
  • Site Maintenance

Creation Story

The Queens Hotel and Tidy Design first started working together in 2007, a business relationship that stems back to the beginning of our journey! Under new ownership the Queens Hotel did part ways for a short period. A year or two past before the Hotel contacted us with a new website riddled in plugins and performance issues. It was an extremely bloated website, delayed load times and server issues causing them many headaches. From here we took over, fixing both server problems, and replacing the plugin reliant parts of their website with custom code. It wasn't long until the site had undergone a complete rebuild. In the summer of 2021 the Queens Hotel rebranded, this resulted in another website overhaul. Working closely with Aina we designed and developed a bespoke WordPress theme to compliment the new look.

What They Said

  • "We developed a great partnership with Tidy Design and their dedication to our website is evident in all aspects of the site. Their attention to detail and creative approach is highly appreciated and communication skills don’t go unnoticed. It has never been so simple, quick and easy to work on our hotel website!"

    Aina Šutka | Social Media Co-Ordinator

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