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Sussex LMNS


Sussex LMNS (Local Maternity & Neonatal System) are providers of support to maternity service teams and service users across Sussex. They're working to improve safety, further develop their choice and personalisation services and share useful information with expecting parents, all whilst transforming their digital offering.

The Goal

To give prospective parents a one-stop shop to find information on pregnancy, both pre and post-birth. The bulk of this pregrancy related content needed to be scraped, cached and shared from the NHS Syndicate "Pregnancy" & "Health A to Z" APIs. This website also needed scope to house multiple "mini-site" areas, including a section covering yoga during pregnancy and professionals area.

View Site
View Site

What We Did

  • CMS
  • Bespoke WordPress Theme
  • NHS Syndicate API Intergration
  • Design Work
  • SEO
  • Consultation
  • Logo Design
  • Illustration
  • Accessibility Bar Developement

Creation Story

The creation story of Sussex LMNS is a large and on-going one. A site which started out as a "directory" of maternity related links turned into a multi-scope project including making use of NHS Digital's large API, a complete custom development process for an accessibility bar and a site base which allowed for an ever expanding site.

With the initial spec of the site covered, Tidy Design and Sussex LMNS are still working tightly months later adding new components. Most recently a "Professionals" area being developed, with plans for continued work still in the pipeline.

What They Said

  • "We asked Tidy to design and develop our brand identity and website, and they have done a brilliant job. We would like to thank them for their attention to detail, creative approach, and dedication to the project. The final site delivered is exactly what we needed technically, including links to a complex API library and a huge YouTube catalogue, not to mention a gallery of beautiful bespoke illustrations. For us, it has provided a giant leap forward, giving us a website for our service users that is accessible, contains the information they want and need and will allow us to grow and build towards our aim of a Front Door to Sussex Maternity and Neonatal Services. Thank you Tidy, we look forward to working with you again soon."

    Maz Curtis | Sussex Local Maternity & Neonatal System

  • "I have meant to contact you for some time to say thank you so much! for all your hard work on the site (I am sure it must have felt never-ending with the requests at times). It is all looking fantastic and I have had so many positive comments about the clear structure and content of the WEPP component as well as the website as a whole."

    Andrea Yeboah | Specialist Physiotherapist / WEPP Lead

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