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Web Design Hilsea

At Tidy Design we are fortunate to have built up an awesome client portfolio over the years… Yes, we do work very hard at this; our goal has always been to deliver a quality, affordable and friendly service to new / existing customers. To find out more about whom we work with please visit our portfolio page.

Web Design Hilsea

One of our newer clients is Mitsi Art Limited, a garage based in Hilsea, Portsmouth that specialise in Mitsubishi vehicles. Here is a testimonial they sent this week regarding some web design work we completed for them:

We first contacted tidy design for a quote and some ideas for a new website, and to have our hosting and domain managed by them, Mike was very helpful and informative, I then did further research into previous companies he had completed work for to get some feedback, having had a bad experience with a previous company, we were really keen to choose the right guys for the job this time who could continue to stay on top of things in the future and keep us informed on our hosting and domain etc. We choose tidy design because the feedback I received from the other companies were brilliant, and tidy designs quote was very competitive compared to the other companies we had looked at.

We had problems getting are domain transferred from our previous website designer but Mike helped us persevere until we finally had it all sorted. As we were putting our advertising budget into setting up the new website we were keen for it to be online and running as quick as possible, mike and his team worked quickly to get this done for us, with the end product exceeding our expectations.

We are getting compliments already from our customers and they are already using the enquiry link on our homepage.

Many thanks Mike and the team at tidy design

It was a great pleasure to work with Kerry at Mitsi Art Limited. Sadly, a bad web design / hosting experience accompanied with several weeks of downtime did affect this websites SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages)… Not good business when a site disappears from the web! Anyway, with a new website built and a sitemap.xml submitted to Google, I do look forward to seeing how this site competes, converts and grows over the months to come…

If you are a business based in Hilsea looking for a web designer in or around the Hilsea area then please give us a call, we would be delighted to help.

What is an infographic?

If you look through our SEO page above or read through the Tidy Blog then you will see we believe websites should offer quality content accompanied with some form of linkbait.

SEO Portsmouth

If you can deliver this, offering real value to your website visitors then people should link to you, tell friends about you, tweet or like you, all this boosting a sites organic search results, increasing brand awareness and saving you money on link building campaigns… Result!

Another way to attract quality backlinks to your website would be to map out, develop and launch a successful infographic… Ok, Infographics are not new to the world of SEO and you will need to market it! Also, quality content alone pasted onto a large .jpg file will probably not generate the quality links you want!

Infographic Designers Portsmouth

When mapping out your infographic remember data needs to flow! A successful infographic will relay useful information to its readers using well-positioned typography, graphics and photos. At a glance the infographic needs to tell a story, relaying the facts / figures quick and easy to all who view it.

Think of your infographic as something beautiful and engaging that people will understand and want to share with each other… If you look at it and think “AMAZING!” then chances are the infographic created will benefit you, your website and its future search results.

Do you have an idea for an infographic that may assist your business? Are you looking for an infographic designer based in Portsmouth, Hampshire? If the answer is “yes” to any of these then please drop us an email with your infographic requirements, we would be delighted to help.

Remember: All great stories come in three parts, a beginning, middle and end… When mapping out your infographic try to remember this… Good luck and please visit our blog again soon for more news, tips and tidy SEO ideas. Have a great Easter weekend :)

SEO in Hampshire

Great news Tidy Blog readers, last week we re-vamped and re-branded our Tidy SEO packages! Why I hear you ask… Well, the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is constantly evolving, and although the fundamentals of what makes one site rank better than another in Google, Yahoo and Bing has not totally changed, more time needs to be spent with our SEO clients developing linkbait and creating awesome content for visitors!

SEO in Hampshire

Are you looking for an SEO company based in Hampshire to help your business grow online? If so you have come to the right place! Tidy Design is a small but highly motivated team of website designers, programmers and SEO experts based in Portsmouth, Hampshire that enjoy developing cool brands.

We love websites because they have the potential to become powerful tools for business! Having a nice looking website that navigates well is one thing; but making sure it is found on page one of Google, Yahoo and Bing for keywords and key-phrases related to your business / sector is the key to online success!

Our advice to any business owner is to budget for both the on-site and off-site development that is needed to keep your website looking fresh and ranking well in Google. It is also worth noting that all our SEO work is completed in-house, we do not outsource client SEO campaigns to third parties, and being a web design company we can also assist in the development of your website.

So to conclude… If you are looking for SEO in Hampshire, please click here to view the SEO campaigns we have to offer. If they sound of interest to you, if our SEO packages are within budget or if you simply like what you see, then please contact us today!

Testing for Google Sitemap errors

I came across a post yesterday on the Google Webmaster Central blog that mentioned some improvements Google had just made to its Sitemap system.

Testing for Google Sitemap errors

For all you Webmasters out there, the new Sitemap page layout is much cleaner, and now you can test a sitemap before you submit it… Result! Google will send out a Googlebot for a live fetch of the Sitemap (this takes a few seconds) and then generate a Sitemap report, this incorporates a new way of displaying errors which better expose what types of problems a Sitemap has.

Hats off to big G for the update, this new test feature will help webmasters and SEO people identify indexing issues sooner rather than later, thus helping a site (and all its pages) rank higher in Google’s organic search results.

Twitter backgrounds for business

Are you using social sites such as twitter to market and promote your business online? If so, chances are people will be clicking on your websites “follow us on twitter” banner or twitter icon to view your company twitter page.

Twitter backgrounds for business

Are you looking for a unique twitter background image or a professional looking twitter page designed to be consistent with your website / brand?

A custom-built twitter background can make a real impression on your clients (old and new) as well as enhance your brand identity… Lets face it; the only way to ensure that your twitter page doesn’t look like millions of others on the web is to create a bespoke twitter theme with a unique background image.

Twitter themes

You could even take this a step further; why not have a twitter background designed for annual events such as Christmas, Valentines, Halloween or Easter! Each twitter background designed to be in-sync with the occasion, giving visitors the “Awesome twitter page!” factor!

At Tidy Design we simply love all things creative, most days (and nights) you will find our heads buried into Photoshop or some web / brand development project! To discuss your company twitter page, its design and development please do not hesitate to contact us.

Google Places – We currently do not support the location

We came across a strange bug yesterday linked with Google Places; a business listing we verified years ago now said, “We currently do not support the location…” when you searched for it in Google Maps.

If a client calls / emails saying their business listing has completely disappeared, now replaced with “We currently do not support the location…” then what should you do?

1) Visit:
2) Choose: I have verified > Yes > “My listing no longer appears on Google Maps.”
3) Make a note under the address; “Listing now shows: We currently do not support the location…”

I can appreciate this is pretty frustrating, however hats off to the support team at Google Places who fixed the above for us within 24 hours! If you come across a similar bug then I hope this fix helps…


Website Content Writing Services UK

Having an attractive, well designed website is, of course, essential to any business in today’s highly competitive marketplace. But have you ever considered how your business might go on to succeed in maximising online customer traffic, achieving the new and repeat business you truly deserve?

Website Content Writing Services UK

Here at Tidy Design,  we believe that your company website should be fully utilised to gain maximum benefit for your business on an on-going basis. We offer a highly effective aid to generating increased  business to your company website, helping your business to grow from strength to strength – even in today’s tough economic climate.

SEO content writing is a highly effective, proven aid to steering customer traffic directly towards your business’ website.

So what is SEO content writing exactly and how does it work?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the active, on-going process of improving different aspects of a website in order to optimise it and direct valuable traffic to your website

By carefully establishing the purpose and nature of your business website, an experienced content writer can compile relevant and competitive articles that will direct valuable custom directly to your company website via the search results of Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Hiring a reputed and established website content writing service is of course vital to any successful SEO campaign. Here at Tidy Design, we are proud to offer all our SEO work in house and have chosen the services of published author, Kerry McPhail for all our content writing. Kerry is based locally and published her first book in July 2011, which is available via Waterstones, WH Smiths and Amazon.  Kerry’s extensive creative writing experience feeds naturally into SEO content writing and she has considerable experience of direct and online marketing, gained through promoting her book. She has a keen eye for creating unique brand awareness and identifying clearly and succinctly the results her clients are each seeking to achieve. Working efficiently to exact client specifications, she thoroughly enjoys compiling SEO articles and blog posts that are already achieving increased customer traffic for the clients she has so far engaged with.

Search Engine Optimisation focuses on keywords (the phrases that people typically type into Google, Yahoo or Bing) in order to attract unique visitors to your business website. This results in increased business for you!

By looking carefully at both the internal and external aspects of your website, we at Tidy Design can ensure that your site is able to compete and see a return on your investment. We seek to offer visitors to your website high quality content.

We would be delighted to discuss our SEO service with you, so why not give us a call today or post your content writing questions below. Enjoy this post? Check out Content writers in Portsmouth, Hampshire

Checking Domain Authority, Page Authority & External Links

Great news Tidy Blog readers! Version 2 of our FREE Backlink Checker has been released! A tidy SEO tool that allows you to check Domain Authority, Page Authority and External Links… How cool is that!

Domain Authority, Page Authority and External Links

If you are looking to promote your website, come top of Google for key phrases relevant to your business or increase unique visitors each month then these three factors ‘Domain Authority’ ‘Page Authority’ and ‘External Links’ need to be understood.

So… What is Domain Authority? Well, this predicts a domain’s potential AKA its future ranking with search engines based on an algorithmic combination of link metrics. Page Authority is very similar; this predicts an individual page’s ranking, looking again at the volume and quality of external links. Finally, our FREE Backlink Checker will generate the approximate number of External Links a website or web page has, these number of links playing an important part in your organic SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) and the success of any SEO campaign.

Please stay tuned for more awesome FREE SEO tools being developed by Tidy Design… If you found the above useful, have any suggestions for future SEO tools or are interested in our SEO services then please post your comments below, we would love to hear form you.

Landing Page Designers for PPC (Pay Per Click) in Portsmouth

As a company that focuses primarily on website design and organic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) we rarely delve into the World PPC (Pay Per Click). That said; this does not stop us from working with PPC management companies (or individuals) to create bespoke landing pages designed specifically for PPC.

PPC (Pay Per Click) in Portsmouth

Earlier this month I had a meeting with a PPC Company based in Portsmouth. We had an interesting discussion about organic SEO and PPC marketing strategies, business, client expectations, cowboy SEO companies and the importance of delivering a quality service day in day out… All in all it was a pretty cool meeting, one that lead to us designing the above PPC landing page for Mansys.

I guess it is a sign of the times; some of our own SEO clients (already page one of Google) asking about PPC… Companies doing well with PPC asking about organic SEO… Lets face it, the web is undoubtedly the best way to promote your business unless you have money for a TV advert during the ad break of an XFactor final! If you have the budget, then why not invest in both organic SEO and PPC?

So to conclude… If PPC is something you are considering in next years marketing budget then maybe we can help. Likewise with SEO, please feel free to contact us.

However you decide to promote and market your business in 2012, good luck!

Professional Websites Designed in Portsmouth

With so much going on in recent months; be it the arrival of my baby boy, employing more tidy staff, plenty of repeat business AKA website updates and SEO work from our existing clients, or delving into the World of self publishing… Somehow, we still find time to design and develop a few new sites each month!

Websites Designed in Portsmouth

View Portfolio

Above is a recent re-design of Home Solutions (Portsmouth) Limited, the spec, to make the site more search engine friendly and give it a more modern design. The main requirement here was to make it easy for people to get in touch with Home Solutions… You would be amazed how many companies contact us having a site online for a number of years that generates minimal (often no) business.

Anyway, here is what Home Solutions (Portsmouth) Limited had to say about us:

Dear Tidy Design.

Thank you so much for your swift and attentive service and the remarkable improvements you have made to my web site. It was such a relief to find a company with the ability to build and design a professional web site at such a reasonable price. I have been very pleased with the service provided and the improvements to my web site and I have no doubt that the improved site will not only promote a more professional reflection of my business, but will attract increased interest and subsequently increased business drawn through the site.

I would like to thank all from Tidy Design Portsmouth for a job well-done!

It was a real pleasure working with the owner of Home Solutions, and I truly believe this is the start of a long and prosperous business relationship. Please click here to view the site.