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Choosing the right post title(s)

4th May, 2022

Most of us want more website visitors, so we invest our time and money into some form of digital marketing. Be it social media, sponsored ads or blog content, the right title is needed to convert impressions into visitors.

A Post Title Experiment

I’ve been running a number of content marketing experiments on my personal blog, using post titles to help influence organic search. A recent post targeted the search term “Petworth Park Tree Drawing” as I wished to promote my artwork. Ideally folk will find and visit this post via Google, commissioning an illustration. As this search term is not very competitive, it only took a few days to reach page one.

Google search result

Post Titles & Google Search

When it comes to creating content for Google you can’t beat a blog post, but it is important to think quality. Please check out this post on Google E-A-T for more info, and our Ten Tips for writing a blog post. It is also important to remember that users want to know what they’re getting before they click. A carefully crafted post title should include keywords to help it rank higher, driving more traffic to your website.

What are people searching for on Google?

We must clearly state what a post is about in its title, but also factor in potential search queries. Ask yourself “what are people searching for on Google?” and draft content with this in mind. We all know that search engines like Google are used to find information. People have problems and wants, and Google offers solutions and products. So why not optimise your next post title for readability and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Should you require any help or assistance in choosing the right post title then why not contact us today, we’d be happy to help.

Until next time, keep it Tidy!


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