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Android App Development

I am delighted to announce that Tina The Christmas Turkey, A to Z for Kids and Montgomery Moon have all reached the Play store – This time next year we’ll be millionaires!!




As well as developing websites and brands for awesome clients, we also do a spot of app development… This month I set aside time for a few neglected personal projects – The spec; get Jordan stuck into some Android app development and make each book available on the Play store :)

All in all I am very happy with the end result – Both Tina The Christmas Turkey and A to Z for Kids are free apps, these promote Montgomery Moon (this one costs 69p) at the end of the book. I thought this would work well and encourage people to buy the app, time will tell.

It would be great to hear your thoughts and feedback on the above, if you have any questions (or maybe your own Android app idea) then please do give us a call or email.

Are You Mobile Yet?

With tablets widely predicted to overtake shipments of desktop PCs and laptops later this year, it remains likely that tablets will continue to enjoy strong growth in the years ahead.

Are You Mobile Yet?

The mobile devices market is gaining strength, with tablets and smartphones gaining on the PC market and continuing to do so.

Hybrid phone-tablet devices may eventually merit recognition as a separate category in their own right and it is widely believed that smartphones will represent the vast majority of connected device shipments.

It will be interesting to see how technological developments proceed in years to come. One possibility is that a convertible device – capable of running both Android and Windows – will emerge as a stand-alone tablet.

With the advance of mobile technology, the question of how your business chooses to respond and adapt to meet customer demand becomes increasingly important.

Kerry McPhail

iPhone & Android App Development Portsmouth

Looking for an iPhone or Android App for your business? Following the creation of our Montgomery Moon app, the team at Tidy Design has been longing to get stuck into another mobile application.

iPhone & Android App Development Portsmouth

Portsmouth Language College was one of our first clients. Over the space of five years the TEG (Tompkins Education Group) brand has continued to grow, develop and impress, he now runs multiple colleges across the south.

David Tompkins and I have regular meetings (often after office hours and in the pub) to reflect on life and business. Although a mobile app had been on the cards for sometime, it was in November 2012 when we finally got to work on it.

As an existing client of Tidy Design we really wanted to help, however based on the initial spec, budget and expectations I did recommend he shop around. Sadly we could not commit to it.

A couple of weeks passed as I looked to outsource the work to companies / freelancers we know. Quotes came in between 5K and 15K, the lead-time from one iOS development team was 7 months… All in all, it was not looking good!

Taking everything into account (most importantly our business relationship and history with TEG) we decided to take on the project. It was agreed a watered down version of the initial spec for iPhone and Android devices.

The end result was pretty good for both parties! We learnt a lot about app development, device requirements and are now looking into other app ideas! TEG Social has an app for its students, this built within a couple of months and way cheaper than any app development quotes received.

If you are looking for an iPhone or Android app then please do send us your spec. We would be delighted to have a look and possibly chat more about your project over an espresso at our office in Old Portsmouth.

Professional eBook Cover Designer

If you are seeking a professional looking eBook cover that grabs attention then look no further! Earlier this week I was fortunate to have my second eBook approved by Kindle, another kids book I created for my baby boy.

Professional eBook Cover Designer

A to Z for Kids [Kindle Edition]

I feel the above book cover works well because it incorporates some of my illustrations, giving you an idea how the book will look inside. Lets face it, standing out on the bookshelf is pretty difficult, especially when more and more people self-publish, use social media and work extremely hard to promote their works.

As we live in a digital age, I would suggest using a digital designer for any eBook covers or artwork. Certain things such as load time are important, especially from a user and device storage perspective. As KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) point out during the eBook submission process, “A book is judged by its cover! Your cover image can have a direct impact on your readers…”

KDP also say, “For best quality, your image would be 1563 pixels on the shortest side and 2500 pixels on the longest side” so make sure you use these dimensions and save the final .jpg or .tif(f) file for web/mobile devices.

As a digital design company Tidy Design would be delighted to help with any eBook covers or book illustration work you may have. Please contact us today with some more information on your eBook requirements.

iPad books for kids 2012

Although our core business is web design and SEO I do spend some evenings and weekends working on personal projects, one of these being Montgomery Moon, a children’s storybook that this month was approved by Apple as an iPad book for kids… Yippee!!!

iPad books for kids 2012

When Rosie (my wife and partner in the business) fell pregnant last year with our first, the knitting needles came out… It was at this point when I thought I should also do something for our baby boy, maybe build something he can keep and show his children… Anyway, Montgomery Moon was crafted in the summer of 2011, the spec to write and illustrate a kid’s book for him to enjoy.

iPad books for kids

With Tidy Design being primarily a service-based business, I’ve wanted for some time now to focus more on developing sellable products. I believe a mix of both services and products is better than one or the other; I also really enjoy creating new brands / products such as this iPad book for kids… Its what I enjoy, so helping others to do this through our core business Tidy Design makes my day job pretty awesome!

iPad books for Children

As a business we are lucky to have the tools, creativity and knowledge to create new products and take them to market… Ok, we also work very hard at this! This year I aim to write and illustrate another two Montgomery Moon books; this totaling three iPad books for kids in the App Store ready for Christmas 2012.

So, how will this new venture pan out, lots of people write kids books and develop amazing apps, can Montgomery Moon really compete? To be honest I am not sure, feedback so far from family and friends has been amazing so I am pretty excited to see how my iPad book for kids sells in the App Store… The thing to remember here is why I wrote the book, it was not for sales, merchandising contracts or to reach a million downloads in the App Store… This story is for my boy, and writing / illustrating books for kids will be great fun!

If you own an iPad and have a young child in your family looking for a fun new storybook to read and enjoy then please check out my book in the App Store… Thank you!

iOS Developing iPad, iPhone and iPod touch Applications

iOS Developing iPad, iPhone and iPod touch Applications

Yesterday I spent a good few hours watching iOS and Xcode videos, looking over blog tutorial and more in an attempt to get my head around the development and publishing of mobile applications. To be honest this has been on my to-do list for many months now however other projects both personal and those linked to Tidy Design have given me little time for this DIY self educating!

One thing I love about the web is that if you have a question, new interest or idea then the World Wide Web can give you access to pretty much everything you need in terms of resources!

I really feel that good progress was made yesterday, not only did I create my first VERY basic mobile app; I also registered Tidy Design for its own iOS developer account! Once registered with Apple you can download Xcode and iOS SDK, which includes the Xcode IDE, iOS Simulator, and many other tidy tools for developing apps for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

All we need now at Tidy Design is more time to research and develop the many ideas we have; some of these we feel will really benefit our clients, so watch this space!