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Using a blog to market and promote your business

Since the creation of blogging, blogs have increasingly become a more and more popular way to promote a business. You could argue that clever blogging is to repeat keywords you want to target; you should do this just enough times to establish a theme… I agree you should take full advantage of this in your post titles, categories and pages URL however remember to keep your blog personal as this should encourage readers to engage with you.

The hard work is keeping your blog updated regularly, the more you post the more often Search Engines will send their crawlers to your site to index it. This could mean new blog posts will appear in Google within days or even hours rather than weeks! A fact about website marketing is this… Search engines like Google will reward sites that submit regular and unique content to the web!

So why are blogs good for business? Well, apart from the above and boosting your search results blogging allows businesses to engage with their customers! You could use a blog to actively ask customers / readers for their opinion or feedback. You can keep people up to date on the latest news / events. Your blog can give value (free tutorials or information about products or services) to its readers and let people know who you are, what you think and your business plans for the future.

And on that note, I hope you are enjoying our Tidy blog? Any feedback or comments you have would be great…

Build a Website around Keywords

Selecting the correct keyword(s) and looking at keyword density is very important because search engines use this information to determine which search terms a site is relevant to. A tidy keyword density will help achieve higher search engine positioning for the selected keyword. Remeber, keyword density needs to be balanced correctly, too low and you will not get the benefits, too high and your page might be seen as ‘keyword spamming’!

The correct keyword(s) or key phrase is also very important! This can determine the amount of traffic a website is expected to see once page one of the search engine results pages is achieved! You should not target keywords that see a low (zero) monthly search volume… And on that note, targeting the highest searched keywords could also be a loosing battle! If the more popular keywords / key phrases see companies such as Virgin / Tesco etc dominate page one and your marketing budget is say 150 GBP per month, then you could find yourself chipping away at one monster iceberg with a plastic teaspoon!

So how can YOU find good keywords to target? Well the best / FREE tool on the web is Google AdWords Keyword Tool. This amazing tool will tell you how many people are searching for a specific keyword or phrase, as well as give you an idea of competition / costing.

Once you have compiled a list of quality keywords to target why not let Tidy Design integrate these into your website? Keywords should be placed in your meta description, title text, alt tags, source files, images, headers, body, text links and more… At Tidy Design we believe that good keywords are the foundation of search engine marketing success! If you have any questions about SEO then please post them below:

What are Backlinks and why are they important for SEO?

Google, Yahoo and Bing

A great way for optimising a website is backlink building. Backlinks are very important in relation to the top 3 search engines, Google, Yahoo and Bing and how they determine where a site will rank in its SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

All three search engines take into account the number (and quality) of backlinks you have to your website which therefore means the more you have the increased chance that your website will rank higher in a search. Think of it like this, the number of backlinks become an indication of the popularity or importance of your site on the web.

Backlinks can be obtained in a number of different ways. Free social sites such as Twitter and YouTube can become valuable backlinks if used correctly. Online business directories are another source, blogs, forums, friends and supplier websites could also be used to increase the number of backlinks you have to your website.

So let’s go back to the beginning and ask what a backlink is? Well, a backlink is a one way link (url) that is on someone else’s webpage that directs people / bots to your site. For example, on the footer of you will see a link to our site, this is classed as one high quality backlink as has a PR4 (Page Ranking).

At Tidy Design we offer website marketing as one of our services, this means we can build backlinks (and more) on your behalf… Another alternative is some good old DIY! For example if you leave a comment on someone else’s blog you would get the option to enter a web address on that blog, this then becomes a backlink to your website! There are many other ways to request / find backlinks on the web, another example would be to analyse competitor backlinks… If they have several hundred backlinks then why not request the same several hundred backlink for your site!

I could go on all day about the do’s and don’ts of backlink building, link farms, black hats etc however I now need to get back to some work! So to conclude… Although building backlinks is a very tedious and can be a very long process it will ensure the long term success of your website in organic search results.

Web Marketing, Brand Development and SEO in Hampshire

At Tidy Design we understand a company / business is like your baby and it needs lots of love and attention! Especially during these tough economic times when everyone is shopping round for cheaper / better services and products! As a company MJWARD UK LTD devotes a lot of time and energy (fuelled by coffee!) to developing new business ideas and unique company identities. With this in mind I thought I would list Tidy Designs top 10 tips for marketing a business!

1 – Create a unique company identity that people will remember

2 – Get a website and nice looking logo you can put on invoices and marketing material etc

3 – Promote your USP (Unique Selling Point) when ever possible! Shout it from the roof tops!

4 – Pavement Pounding! Order X5000 flyers then approach shops / businesses with an informative flyer. 

5 – Sign up to FREE social sites such as Twitter and YouTube and USE THEM!

6 – Organic web marketing is the future! We believe a much better investment than PPC (Pay Per Click)

7 – Email people! Sounds simple I know but let’s not forget they cost very little (if anything) to send!

8 – Never forget existing clients in the search for new! What else do they need? Who do they know?

9 – Communication! Be polite on the phone, send newsletters keeping people up-to-date on what’s new.

10 – Don’t give up! When it comes to marketing a new business the best advice we have is ‘Stick at it!’

Ok, this is only the tip of the iceberg! Competitor analysis, radio adverts, charity work, networking events, business cards, brochures, banners, competitions and many more methods of marketing a business are out there! Depending on what budget you have as a company will obviously influence the size / result of a marketing campaign. For example you can not compete with Tesco if you have a tiny budget!

What I have done today is list X10 affordable methods of marketing. I hope that they have inspired you to knock on a door or two or consider re-branding a business? Don’t forget Tidy Design is here to help! Please feel free to contact us with your thoughts / ideas / questions about web marketing, brand development and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) in Hampshire.