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What is a Unique Visitor?

7th January, 2013

Google Analytics is one of many useful tools for any website owner to utilise in order to gain valuable insights into web traffic. One way to measure the popularity of your website is by the number of unique visitors it attracts.

What is a Unique Visitor?

This figure (along with pageviews) can be useful when looking to develop or add new content to your site. Also, you could quote these ‘unique visitor’ stats to potential advertisers or investors.

By measuring unique visitors over a given period of time, it is possible to report on your online performance. Google Analytics offer many useful tools, one of which is their ‘Unique Visitors’ report. This gives insight into the people who access your site and allows you to gather important information on website usage.

A unique visitor report indicates the number of people who have visited your site over a set period. A unique visitor to your website is only counted once, so refreshing the page will not increase the total.

As a business you will of course be keen to keep an eye on how many unique visitors your site attracts over time, in order to ensure that new content and SEO is generating new visitors, as well as retaining existing customers attention too.

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