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Mobile Website Designers in Portsmouth

16th January, 2013

Since returning back to work in the New Year, the team at Tidy Design in Portsmouth have been busy with several mobile website designs AKA responsive updates.

Mobile Website Designers in Portsmouth

Personally I see 2013 being a big year for responsive website design with companies catering more and more for clients on a mobile web. Mobile phones and tablet devices have transformed the World we live. When it comes to future proofing your business, there are many advantages of a mobile website. Here are just three:

Firstly you have usability to consider, a mobile site will work, function and look better on a mobile than your everyday website. Google is also not stupid; I would put money on future SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) being heavily influenced by this mobile customer experience.

Secondly there is data and download speed to consider, people don’t want to wait minutes for a website image to load when a mobile friendly image could load in seconds.

Finally we have customer interaction with websites on a mobile device, unique click-to-call or mapping functions could be used to encourage customer engagement. Done correctly a mobile website should help convert visitors into enquiries…

Ok, I hope the above has provided some food for thought. If you are looking to update your existing website, bolting on a mobile friendly version for people viewing it on a mobile device then please do get in touch.

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