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FREE Easter Chick Drawings

10th April, 2020

Last weekend I added some FREE Easter Bunnies to our Tidy Design blog. This weekend (which is indeed Easter weekend) I decided to add a few FREE chicks! If you are looking for some cute Easter chick drawings then please see below…

FREE Easter Chick Drawings

An Easter chick hatching…

This little Easter chick has just hatched, welcome to planet earth my cute yellow friend!
chick hatching drawing

Small but mighty…

This cute Easter chick is standing tall and proud, ready to tackle the day ahead.
cute Easter chick

Easter chick holding an Easter egg…

This strong little fellow is going home for some dinner (probably worms), luckily he has a snack for the walk, hello sugar rush!
Easter chick holding an Easter egg

Great news Tidy blog reader! These FREE Easter chick drawings can be used on both commercial and non-commercial projects. All we ask in return is not to re-sell or distribute our work elsewhere. Remember; sharing is caring! So if you like or use these FREE Easter chick drawings, please link back to this page or send us a tweet.

Colour your own chicks…

I have created another “print friendly” PDF doc that you can download here. This artwork is not yet coloured in, it is ready for you (or your kids) to print out and get creative with!

Art Lessons Portsmouth

If you enjoyed this post then please check out our FREE Easter Bunny Drawings post or Sea Life Art for more bespoke artwork. Thank you for visiting, enjoy the FREE chicks and have a fantastic Easter!

Until next time, keep it Tidy…


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