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E-Commerce Web Designs Portsmouth

E-Commerce refers to the means by which customers can electronically obtain goods and services via the Internet and is set to increase exponentially in the years ahead. A huge variety of businesses use e-commerce nowadays, including vast numbers of consumer retail sites. Electronic commerce also takes place on a business-to-business basis, between customers and their suppliers.

The chief advantages to be gained via e-commerce are speed, efficiency and convenience – key areas for any business to consider, since they lead to growth and expansion of your existing customer base.

Here at Tidy Design in Portsmouth, Hampshire we are excited to report the success of recent E-Commerce Website Designs for our customers. Great E-Commerce Website Design enables your company to display your full range of products and services online in a truly informative and enjoyable way, enabling your customers to explore all that your company has to offer, before making their purchase online, from anywhere in the world.

One of our highly valued customers here at Tidy Design is the renowned Hampshire based company Total Scaffolding Supplies. The company offers export of all different types of scaffolding and access related products to companies across the UK.

Their online e-commerce website is at offers easy access to their products, including full colour photographs and product descriptions. This ensures that purchasing items is an easy enjoyable process for their customers. With easy to access account information, online payment options and a fully visible ‘shopping cart’ facility, their customers are kept fully updated as they progress through the online shop.

By creating a customer account, the customer can enjoy faster shopping experience, whilst being kept fully informed as their order’s status. Also, being able to keep track of previous orders made enables customers to make repeat orders easily and effortlessly, too.

At Tidy Design we believe in thoroughly researching your company’s business objectives and customer base is key to implementing a highly successful e-commerce website. So if you are based in Portsmouth, Hampshire – or even further afield – and looking for a highly successful e-commerce website design to help launch or promote your business… look no further than Tidy Design!

Logo Design and Branding Company in Hampshire

Earlier this week we launched a new website for ISO Certification Online .com Ltd, a new company setup to offer cheaper ISO Certification Online.

Logo Design and Branding Company in Hampshire

The spec here was to create a company logo, strong corporate identity and a stylish looking website. The overall feedback from our client and those we have shown is positive, next we need to start a tidy wave of SEO work, nudging this brand new and bespoke website to page one of Google!

So to conclude, if you are looking for a logo design and branding company based in Hampshire then please give us a call, we just love getting stuck into new and exciting projects!

New Faces at Tidy Design

Lots has been going on at Tidy Design in recent months, so much so we are re-structuring and re-thinking our business model, looking to improve and expand on the services we offer! This is just a quick post to introduce a couple of new faces:

New Faces at Tidy Design

Firstly we have Alan Hollis. Alan is no stranger to Tidy Design, building us a bespoke commission free booking system, which subsequently gathered the attention of hotels worldwide.

Alan is a huge fan of travelling and has recently returned from an 8-month trip around the world, encompassing countries such as China, Singapore, Australia and Vietnam.

We are delighted to announce Alan’s return and look forward to enjoying his innovative creative input into our Tidy Design business.

I would now like to present the wonderful Kerry McPhail. Kerry is a highly talented SEO writer and published author based in Southsea, Portsmouth.

Passionate about creative writing, marketing and social media, Kerry is looking forward to helping our Tidy clients enjoy greater visibility online via her SEO content writing service.

Kerry adores books, playing guitar, art and all things creative; we feel she will fit in well.

That’s it for now Tidy Blog readers, more news to follow as we work our way through a number of new web design and SEO projects… Keep the espressos coming!

What is an infographic?

If you look through our SEO page above or read through the Tidy Blog then you will see we believe websites should offer quality content accompanied with some form of linkbait.

SEO Portsmouth

If you can deliver this, offering real value to your website visitors then people should link to you, tell friends about you, tweet or like you, all this boosting a sites organic search results, increasing brand awareness and saving you money on link building campaigns… Result!

Another way to attract quality backlinks to your website would be to map out, develop and launch a successful infographic… Ok, Infographics are not new to the world of SEO and you will need to market it! Also, quality content alone pasted onto a large .jpg file will probably not generate the quality links you want!

Infographic Designers Portsmouth

When mapping out your infographic remember data needs to flow! A successful infographic will relay useful information to its readers using well-positioned typography, graphics and photos. At a glance the infographic needs to tell a story, relaying the facts / figures quick and easy to all who view it.

Think of your infographic as something beautiful and engaging that people will understand and want to share with each other… If you look at it and think “AMAZING!” then chances are the infographic created will benefit you, your website and its future search results.

Do you have an idea for an infographic that may assist your business? Are you looking for an infographic designer based in Portsmouth, Hampshire? If the answer is “yes” to any of these then please drop us an email with your infographic requirements, we would be delighted to help.

Remember: All great stories come in three parts, a beginning, middle and end… When mapping out your infographic try to remember this… Good luck and please visit our blog again soon for more news, tips and tidy SEO ideas. Have a great Easter weekend :)

Logo Design Portsmouth

Afternoon all! Time for a quick post, keeping our Tidy Blog looking fresh and our readers up to date with what’s new at Tidy Design… This week we have been pretty busy with logo designs and branding projects.

Logo Design Portsmouth

At the moment we have several new sites under construction, so I guess you could say the next few weeks are looking slightly hectic for us! That said; it is good to be busy! And as a creative company based in Southsea, Portsmouth we really do enjoy taking an idea or vision then bringing it to life… Be it a logo design, website or marketing campaign, if it involves us using the creative part of our brain then count us in!

If you are looking for a logo designer in Portsmouth, maybe some brand development work on your business or a new website design, why not send us an email today, we would love to hear from you! And on that note; its back to work I go! … With lots of stuff on the to-do list I think its time for another caffeine fix!

Until next time, keep it tidy!

FREE Painted Heart Icons

Hello Tidy Blog readers! With Valentines Day fast approaching I thought it was a good idea to pick up a paintbrush and create some free painted heart icons:

FREE Painted Heart Icons

Download icons

Above I’ve created several painted heart icons for you to play around with in Photoshop. Sadly I did not have time to tidy them up, organize or prep a .psd file; this download is simply an assortment of quick doodles for you to work on… Please feel free to use these painted heart icons for both commercial and non-commercial projects. Enjoy!

Twitter backgrounds for business

Are you using social sites such as twitter to market and promote your business online? If so, chances are people will be clicking on your websites “follow us on twitter” banner or twitter icon to view your company twitter page.

Twitter backgrounds for business

Are you looking for a unique twitter background image or a professional looking twitter page designed to be consistent with your website / brand?

A custom-built twitter background can make a real impression on your clients (old and new) as well as enhance your brand identity… Lets face it; the only way to ensure that your twitter page doesn’t look like millions of others on the web is to create a bespoke twitter theme with a unique background image.

Twitter themes

You could even take this a step further; why not have a twitter background designed for annual events such as Christmas, Valentines, Halloween or Easter! Each twitter background designed to be in-sync with the occasion, giving visitors the “Awesome twitter page!” factor!

At Tidy Design we simply love all things creative, most days (and nights) you will find our heads buried into Photoshop or some web / brand development project! To discuss your company twitter page, its design and development please do not hesitate to contact us.

How much will a website cost to build?

Looking for a UK website design company to help your business grow online? Want to know the approximate cost for a bespoke website design or maybe the cost of a start-up website? We are here to help…

How much will a website cost to build?

Above is a preview of the NEW and improved website calculator, a system we decided to re-build and re-launch just two days ago! A massive thanks to our coder Ben for all his hard work on this!

If you would like to know how much a bespoke website would cost to build then why not give it a go, this four step tidy tool will do the maths for us, emailing you an approximate web design cost within seconds!

Lets face it; in today’s economic climate it is a good idea to shop around, get a few different quotes, take a detailed look at a companies portfolio, update costs, services and products etc… You will probably find quotes varying from a few hundred to a few thousand, this depending on your website requirements and the type of company / freelancer you contact.

Please Note: For a front end designer or backend programmer to give an accurate quote for any new website build, you the client must clearly identify your website requirements and expectations… Website content, company branding and website stock photography should also be high up on your to-do list… Tidy Design can offer support with this for an additional charge.

So to conclude, for a FREE no obligation online quote, please visit our all singing all tidy dancing website calculator. If you found the above helpful then why not post your feedback below, we would love to hear from you!

Content writers in Portsmouth, Hampshire

If you have ever researched SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) or looked at ways to improve / market your website online then you may have come across the expression “Content Is King”.

Content writers in Portsmouth, Hampshire

Adding unique and informative content to a website is one of many ways you can influence your organic search results, I mean if you can produce an informative article, offering the reader real value, encouraging them to link to it, tell friends how great it is etc then that is a job very well done!

Remember… quality content can go far in todays SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages), and by regularly adding this quality content, be it news, articles, reviews or tutorials, you are seriously increasing your chance of getting traffic / business via the web.

Running my own business (plus having multiple ventures on the go) I fully understand that time is often not on your side, especially in todays economic climate when business owners are working much harder than ever before! With this in mind, Tidy Design has teamed up with a local author based in Southsea, Portsmouth. With a book already published and on the shelves in Waterstones, we aim to utilize this exceptional talent and creative flair, working with her to deliver clients quality website content.

If you are looking for a content writer based in the UK then why not get in touch with Tidy Design today! We would be delighted to look over your site, discuss your needs, put forward suggestions to help expend and develop your website.

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Web Design Southampton

Tidy Design has a number of clients all over the UK, primarily in areas across Hampshire, Surrey, London and Southampton! This blog post has been written to showcase just a few of these websites; the following web design work was for companies located in Southampton:

Southampton Language College

My Purple Garage in Southampton

Brian Bouch Southampton

Web Design Southampton

If you are based in Southampton and looking for a web design company to either re-design your website, add some new pages or manage website updates then please feel free to give us a call. Website updates start at just £7.50 so we may save you some money!

Tidy Design is delighted to be working with these Southampton based businesses; and we have got to know each of them very well over the years. The following testimonials are from My Purple Garage in Southampton:

"Just to let you know that I have passed your details on to a number of people who have said how great the website is including the people at Radio Solent. Whenever anyone says how good the site is, I big you up. Have told lots of people about you, every opportunity I get. A great and prompt service that you guys give…"

So… if you are based in Southampton (or anywhere else for that matter) looking for a fresh, energetic web company to manage your online business then please get in touch. As you can see we are already working with some pretty big companies in the Southampton area… We hope your business could be next!