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Tidy Goals for 2016

10th January, 2016

A slightly belated Happy New Year! Last week was pretty hectic; lots to map out and catch up on following the festive break… Throw in a couple of meetings, a few new enquiries and lots of web work; it was “all systems go” at Tidy Design HQ in Old Portsmouth…


So, week one of fifty-two is almost over (says Mike, blogging away on a Sunday evening)! Here at Tidy Design we have some big plans for the New Year ahead, nothing too crazy, a healthy mix of client work, a new in-house project and some intelligent business development.

Rewind twelve months; I am delighted to say we grew as a company throughout 2015 – This was down to our amazing clients, their on-going business and kind recommendations, new enquiries and that all important ingredient, ‘hard work’.

Although growth is great, we are by no means perfect! We do a lot of things very well, but we could become far better. Throughout 2016 our goal is to be more streamlined, efficient, energetic and driven – Improvements can always be made in life and business, we do not plan to stand still!

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