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Fitness Website Designs

We are delighted that we were able to launch our latest project earlier this week.

The customer:

Paul is a personal trainer with experience training with calisthenics. Initially Paul will provide personal training sessions specialising in calisthenics, and is aiming to open a calisthenics gym within Portsmouth. It will offer structured classes covering a variation of training, and aims to be a community lead gym.

The spec:

WordPress development area with bespoke custom theme. Single page site containing all information on services divided into five main sections. One section to include pricing cards to display packages and prices. These will be editable via the CMS system. Another section will be available to show case future projects including the gym, and capture user emails for potential customers.

The result:

A sleek, stylish and simple one paged site. This is entirely editable so that the customer can control all his content including photos. The site also has elements in which it has scope to evolve once Paul has set up his gym. This was a factor taken into consideration at the start of the project. It allows for expansion and flexibility.


Thanks again for being very supportive and working in a timely manner, it’s taken a lot of stress off me knowing that you guys are on it, cheers. Paul

Albatross Paragliding

We are very proud to see the launch of one of our new websites… Albatross Paragliding! This website was commissioned by a client whom we manage a couple of sites for. These include ET Games, and MonkeyPuzzle.

The spec for Albatross Paragliding, was to have something simple and to include a paragliding video as a central element within the site. The video sees Dave (the instructor) paraglide over the stunning scenery of Hampshire.

Overall, the new site and logo took Mike a few days, and we feel the simplistic look gives the site a fun, fresh and exhilarating look. The pictures and video have also provided a great topic of interest within the office….would you or wouldn’t you?!?!


Evolution of technology

I am from an era where the internet did not exist at one point in my lifetime. I have just turned 30, and by no means do I feel old….yet! I even remember listening to a debate over the radio which my parents had put on in the car many years ago, on encyclopedias v internet. Need I say more.

It still amazes me however, how technology and the web based world has evolved in the last three decades. Many of us will remember watching Back to the Future II, and thinking how amazing would it be to have a telephone conversation with someone where you can actually see them at the same time on the screen! Who knew that 28 years later, we would all be making those sort of phone calls on a daily basis and not have to worry about any extra charges for it.

I was also from a generation where the mobile phone was only just coming into popularity for both the old and young folk. I think I was 14 years old when I got my first phone. My 7 year old nephew has his own iPad!

With this advance in technology, it opens the world of possibility to people. It can create knowledge, power and even love. However it can also create a lot of issues that perhaps people never foresaw. As a Mum of two boys, I worry about giving them a facility where the world (good, bad and ugly) is at their fingertips.

For now though I have comfort that they do not know my password for my phone or iPad, and they have never asked for it….yet!

The only one advance in technology that still hasn’t come to fruition, is the expandable pizza that takes two seconds to cook. One can still live in hope.

Rosie Ward

The importance of Title and Meta tags

HTML documents are not all about text and content. While the bulk of an HTML document will denote the content seen on a webpage and how that content is displayed, some of the most key facets of these documents are not shown to the user in the conventional way – instead, these elements are shown to search engines and browsers.


Two of the most important of these “hidden” elements are the <title> and <meta> tags. Both serve to improve the general usability of search engines, and attract new traffic by way of advertising a page and its content more accurately.

<title> tags – you guessed it – define the title of a page. This will be used both by the browser (to name the tab and window), and by the search engine (to name the Search Engine Results Page entry for the page). This is your user’s first contact point with your site and should be unique and descriptive to avoid being lost in the crowd.

A great example of a unique title tag could be:


<meta> tags are a little more complex. They are designed to contain “information about the information” – character encodings, geographic locations, authors and many more fields can be defined with a meta tag. One of the most important pieces of meta information is a “meta description” which should be a short (150-160) character description of the page.

This description will appear as a snippet underneath the page’s title on the Result Page, and serves to bring more traffic to the page from users who will actually benefit from visiting your page.

A typical meta description for the About page defined above might take the following form:


Note that if a page lacks a meta description, the search engine will usually take the first content on the page for this field – this is almost never ideal, and can detract from the professional look, feel and usability of the site – usability starts at the Results Page, not at your actual site!


Mapping out a website

There are many ways to start developing a new website; you could start writing the code, create a couple of mock-ups in Photoshop, map out page layouts on a whiteboard or in a notepad…


Information architecture (IA) is an important part of web design however it can often get overlooked. This could be the result of a small development budget or an “ASAP” deadline. How developers allocate their time will certainly impact the overall cost and ETA of a project.

A lot of thought/planning should go into a new website, be it a single page site or full-blown web application – Structural design and information is very important. If you require assistance mapping out a website then please visit our Web Design Process page. Good luck and thanks for visiting…

Web Design Winchester

Last week we launched a new website for Winchester Language College, this is the fifth website and college for TEG (Tompkins Educational Group) in five years! Impressive growth or what!

Winchester Language College

Winchester Language College

As David Tompkins was one of our first Tidy Design clients, I feel privileged to be witnessing (and part of) such a business success story! I am please to say David has become a very good friend over the years. With lots in common such as business, parenthood and beer, our meetings tend to involve a trip to the pub where we escape to put the world to rights!

Good luck David with Winchester Language College, 2013 is looking like another exciting chapter for TEG!

Finally, if you are based in Winchester and looking for a web design agency to create or update your website then please give us a call. The team at Tidy Design would be delighted to help.

You’ve gotta know your audience!

Great content that is both compelling and informative is a great way to engage new and existing customers with your business’ products and services. Of course the key to a highly effective marketing strategy is identifying and engaging with potential new customers at the same time as retaining the loyalty and custom of your existing ones.

know your audience

Knowing who to target with your content marketing is all about understanding who the audience are that your company are seeking to reach. It is entirely possible that your business may have more than one audience to appeal to. If this is the case, why not consider creating a persona – an imaginary person who represents a group of people that your company is seeking to reach?

Creating a persona is a great starting point for developing interesting ideas and angles, while tailoring your content to be both specific and relevant to the demographic of your particular audience.

Consider the lifestyle of your intended audience – age, background, job, interests. Are they likely to use social media? What is it that they are wishing to achieve and why? How do these desires tie in with what your service or product has to offer them?

Creating a bespoke message and great incentives for customers to become engaged with you will result in a highly successful marketing strategy.

Using a persona enables you to address a target audience clearly when compiling great content – it helps you identify exactly who you are writing for and why, ensuring your message truly resonates with your audience.

Great content is funny, valuable and informative – and is highly likely to be shared with others! Creative content helps raise the profile of your business expanding your potential customer base and all the while adding value to your customers’ experience of your company.

Kerry McPhail

Websites for the Construction Industry

Are you in the construction industry and looking a website? Creating a bespoke website specifically designed to meet the precise individual needs and requirements of our clients is of vital importance to us all at Tidy Design.

Over the years Tidy Design have enjoyed many opportunities to work with clients in the construction industry.

Designing websites that showcase our customer’s skills, training and professionalism as well as indicating clearly the range of services they offer is essential to building a great online presence.

Often customers call on a boiler repairman or electrician in an emergency situation. Therefore having user-friendly content backed by testimonials and trade credentials all helps to build customer confidence in using your services… Plus you should ideally be page one of Google!

Creating a great online customer experience via easy to use navigational tools and clear concise content means that your customers will return again and again to use your services, as well as recommending your company to friends and family too.

Incorporating social media links into your website enables you to easily advertise your services online too, helping to build up your presence on the web.

Why not consider an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) campaign and help raise the online profile of your company’s products and services even further? Tidy Design conduct all their SEO campaigns in-house, and also offer the services of a professional author. Creating compelling, informative content that your customers will love to read helps generate valuable customer traffic to your website.

So to conclude, if you are in the construction industry and looking for a website then why not contact us today? We look forward to hearing from you.

Kerry McPail

What Is The Google Sandbox Effect?

The Google Sandbox Effect refers to an observational theory offered up to explain why some newly registered domains appear to rank poorly in Google Search Engine Results Pages. Such sites are said to be placed in a ‘sandbox’ with their search ratings on hold pending proof that they are worthy of ranking.

There is speculation that the sandbox was created as a filter, originally designed to help fight spam. Years ago, companies would put promotional websites up for short time spans and then remove them, which led to broken links and unhappy Google search experiences, hence the belief (unproven) of the Sandbox having been created to combat this.

Occasionally websites can experience difficulties in maintaining steady rankings on Google, be a it a Google Panda or Google Penguin release, or if a domain is less than a three to six months old, then you could refer to this sandbox effect.

If other search engines such as Bing or Yahoo are showing the site consistently in top positions, yet Google is not, one theory purported is that Google’s sandbox algorithm is restricting the site to search obscurity.

Being aware of the possibility of the sandbox effect is key to orchestrating a good SEO campaign. If your domain / website is new to the web then you can expect your sites journey to be a tough one, you will need to get that sitemap.xml submitted asap and invest both time and energy into backlinks, linkbait and social media, even PPC (Pay Per Click) if you are desperate for visitors to your new website.

Essentially however the Google Sandbox effect remains just that – a theory. In reality search engine optimization takes time to achieve quality, lasting results. At Tidy Design we believe that if your business is to achieve maximum online visibility, great customer satisfaction and generation of increased sales, then committing to a full SEO campaign is an investment well worth considering.

Things to Consider when planning a new Website

Are you thinking about starting a new business? Maybe you already have a business and are now considering a website to better promote the services and products you offer? If so, please download our free Job Spec doc.

Things to Consider when planning a new Website

Fact: The Internet has created lots of new and exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses across the globe, the power of the World Wide Web cannot be ignored, its potential for generating new business far superior to old school marketing techniques.

Whether Tidy Design is building a new website or bespoke web application, it is critical for YOU the customer to clearly define your requirements and expectations. If you are yet to pencil out your website specifications then we hope the following Things to Consider when planning a new Website download will help you plan your site.

Alternatively why not check out our Website Calculator tool.