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Website Updates

Tidy Design is here to help update graphics, text, photos or add/remove pages on your website. We work on a pay as you go basis and are happy to assist with your website updates.

Requesting website updates

In order to process your website update, we would require the content (text or photos) sent via email. It is important to ensure that all spelling is checked over first. We will also need details of the exact web page you would like updated, added or removed. Any images provided would need to be attached as a jpeg file (please make sure you have permission to use them).

Update costs

When it comes to support and/or updates we charge per hour in 15 minute intervals, all work gets recorded and forms part of a daily timesheet. Charging in 15 minute intervals helps to keep costs down, so clients don’t get charged an hour for a quick update if one is required. Tidy Design works on a “pay as you go” basis, all web work gets logged in our diary and billed for at month-end, payment terms 30 days net.

Update timelines

Some of our clients will have lots of updates per month, whilst others may request one or two updates per year. We do ask that clients allow five working days for any updates to be completed (just in case we are pre-booked with other projects or experiencing a busy period), however urgent updates do get jumped on very quickly.

Quoting for updates

Tidy Design is happy to quote for updates prior to starting work. We do charge for time and material, so if an update is completed quicker than expected (or if it takes longer) we will charge accordingly. Please note; the more information you can provide, the more accurate our quote will be. If project requirements do change, this may impact the cost. A final consideration is the type of update you have requested. Some web development tasks will come with added layers of complexity to consider.

Previewing a website update

Tidy Design will always send a preview of your website update(s) prior to anything going live. This mean you can check over all content, photos and functionality prior to an update reaching your live website. Previews come in different shapes and forms; staging servers, video demos and screenshots. This will depend on the kind of update you have requested.

Updating your website?

If you need some help updating your website then please give Tidy Design a call or email. Established in 2007 they specialise in bespoke website design and web development projects. Approved NHS suppliers, Tidy Design works with many local businesses in Portsmouth, Hampshire and across the UK.