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New Faces at Tidy Design

Lots has been going on at Tidy Design in recent months, so much so we are re-structuring and re-thinking our business model, looking to improve and expand on the services we offer! This is just a quick post to introduce a couple of new faces:

New Faces at Tidy Design

Firstly we have Alan Hollis. Alan is no stranger to Tidy Design, building us a bespoke commission free booking system, which subsequently gathered the attention of hotels worldwide.

Alan is a huge fan of travelling and has recently returned from an 8-month trip around the world, encompassing countries such as China, Singapore, Australia and Vietnam.

We are delighted to announce Alan’s return and look forward to enjoying his innovative creative input into our Tidy Design business.

I would now like to present the wonderful Kerry McPhail. Kerry is a highly talented SEO writer and published author based in Southsea, Portsmouth.

Passionate about creative writing, marketing and social media, Kerry is looking forward to helping our Tidy clients enjoy greater visibility online via her SEO content writing service.

Kerry adores books, playing guitar, art and all things creative; we feel she will fit in well.

That’s it for now Tidy Blog readers, more news to follow as we work our way through a number of new web design and SEO projects… Keep the espressos coming!

Web Developer Jobs Portsmouth

After a weekend of thinking, “Mammamia! I have sooo much to do next week!” it is now Monday morning and time to act! So… Are you a web developer based in Portsmouth, Hampshire looking for P/T work with the possibility of a F/T web developer job?

Tidy Design is a small family run business with lots of amazing clients on our books… We aim to look after new / existing clients as best as possible by delivering a quality service day in day out, as primarily a service based business this relies on ‘available time’ and the overall quality of work / ideas we produce.

So to conclude; I am looking for a web developer in the Portsmouth area with a good understanding of PHP, MySQL, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Java script, and some knowledge of Photoshop to join our team! You will need to think on your feet, deliver quality results and help in the overall development of our business and brand.

If the above sounds of interest then please send your CV and a cover letter telling us how you would benefit Tidy Design? Also, any links to past web design / programming work would be awesome!

With this to-do off my list, lets move onto the next!… Have a great day!

The 1st Quarter of 2012 at Tidy Design

Hello Tidy Blog readers, just a quick post to say a BIG “thank you” to all our amazing clients, old and new! Many thanks for your recommendations, website updates, graphic design, logo designs and SEO work in recent months.

The 1st Quarter of 2012 at Tidy Design

The first quarter of 2012 has been pretty manic for Tidy Design and we are very fortunate to be witnessing growth as a business during tough economic times… That said, its not been easy! Sadly Ben Holland AKA, a very talented coder who had been with us for 6 months recently moved on to pastures new, not the best news, but hats off to him! Ben has done some truly awesome work and he will be missed… However, we will keep in touch.

All in all the Tidy team has put in some serious man-hours this quarter, going to extreme lengths to deliver quality SEO results and meet website deadlines… On Ben’s last day we didn’t clock off until 8pm (sorry about that Ben!), it was all hands on deck that evening launching X15 new websites! Yes, I did just say X15!

Jordan and Jason have also been working very hard, helping us with several new projects, SEO campaigns and assisting in client updates / support. It has been interesting to say the least, adapting to parenthood (occasional sleep deprivation) and making sure the day to day running of Tidy Design goes smoothly.

The crazy thing about being self-employed or being in business is this; when you are busy (I mean crazy busy, working seven day weeks) you want it to be quieter, but as soon as it’s quiet you panic and want it to be busy again! After a record-breaking quarter, I am now in a “want it to be quieter” frame of mind for April 2012, however I’m sure this will change after Easter!

And on that note its espresso o’clock and back to work for me… This week we have a couple of new websites to design plus a handful of updates to-do! Many thanks for stopping by the Tidy Blog and please visit again soon.

Welcoming Mr Jordan Terry, a coder from Gosport!

Jordon Terry

Yesterday my wife and I interviewed for the P/T coder job vacancy at Tidy Design, we have had lots of CV’s over the months however finding time to filter out the good from the bad, pencil in interview dates and take time away from our busy work schedule is difficult!

So, forwards and upwards as they say! Next month Jordan will become the latest member of Tidy Design, a new chapter will be starting, and we have high hopes for him within our business… May this be the start of something great!

Lets face it… With so much on one person’s plate, certain things may get missed, overlooked or take longer than they should… I am a strong believer in working clever as well as working hard, and if like me you are working crazy hours then maybe now is the time to step back and assess how best to move forwards.

Tidy Design is fortunate being pretty busy during tough economic times; we are also very lucky to have such great supportive clients… It is therefore down to us to keep delivering competitive quotes, build on new and existing business relationships and making sure Tidy Design keeps on growing!

I am very excited for the future and I believe upcoming changes to Tidy Design will benefit both our clients and us… Watch this space!