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Inspiring Younger Generations

11th May, 2024

Back in 2021 Tidy Design worked with Court Lane Junior School in Drayton, helping them to promote and support World Oceans Day. This was a fun project, and a nice surprise for my two boys who attended school there.

Since then we have worked on few different projects which aim to inspire a younger generation. The most recent being The Pod Squad, a collaboration with ORCA and Tesco.

It is always nice when your work (be it a website or storybook) reaches people organically. For example, earlier this week I received an email from English lead at St Thomas More’s Primary School in Havant. Here is an extract:

“I came across your poem: The Southsea Seagull and shared it with my Year 6 children and they just absolutely loved it. They loved the references to Southsea – they couldn’t believe someone had written about the Seagulls in Southsea and were very much in agreement that they always know where the chips are. Their love and happiness from this poem has made me get in touch.”

How cool is that! Creative writing and illustration is something I really enjoy, you will find a few free stories and books on my personal website mjward.co/books.

Artwork from Local School Kids

After hearing from St Thomas More’s Primary School we discussed some potential work together in the future. This is very exciting, a mix of local themed poetry and art, watch this space! Below you will find a collection of artwork based on my Southsea Seagull poem the kids sent over – thank you for sharing.

Until next time, keep on creating!


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