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Looking ahead to 2023

18th January, 2023

Hello Tidy Blog reader! After two busy weeks back at work, I thought it was time for our first post of 2023! Tidy Design is extremely grateful to its customers for their support and kind recommendations. The past few years have been challenging for many, especially small businesses. So to be kept busy with new projects and repeat business is a real honour, thanks again to all involved.

The Plan

Looking ahead to 2023, Tidy Design will be turning 16 years old! The plan for this year is simple. We will continue to deliver an awesome service to all our clients, both old and new. We will be focusing more on in-house projects such as FLEX and Southsea Vibe. We will also be looking to network and form new business relationships within our industry.

What is FLEX?

FLEX is a flexible WordPress theme, hand Crafted by Tidy Design to deliver you the best return on investment. If a fully bespoke website is not an option due to budget or timeframe, then maybe FLEX could help. Tidy Design is on hand to support your project from start to completion, getting your FLEX website online, tested and indexed by Google. FLEX is for those with smaller web design budgets, seeking a robust website and decent search results. What makes our FLEX WordPress theme so special? Well, as your business grows, your FLEX website can grow too. Please contact us for more information.

Do you have that Southsea Vibe?

Fun fact; we setup Southsea Vibe in December 2022 to test out our FLEX WordPress theme. This project will also help us with our 2023 marketing plans, linking up local businesses with Tidy Design. If you are based in Southsea then Southsea Vibe would love to hear from you. This website aims is to connect Southsea locals and businesses, helping to build a stronger community. Southsea Vibe is here to support Southsea businesses, offering a wide range of advertising and marketing options. More information can be found on the Southsea Vibe website.

Freelancers Wanted!

Our Tidy Design business model has evolved quite a bit over the past 16 years. You can read more about our journey to-date on the About us page. Although there are occasions we miss having offices, working remotely did reduce overheads and improve the work-life balance. We do plan on expanding our team in 2023, so watch this space! When it comes to recruiting our usual route has been PAYE and getting Tidy dudes on the books. Although this is something we still require as a company, the plan for 2023 is to develop new relationships with local freelancers and other web dev agencies. If this sounds like you then please get in touch.

Final Thoughts…

As well as above Tidy Design will be investing a lot of time and energy into marketing. Like most business folk we want to be top of Google for searches related to our industry, this means new enquiries and better brand awareness. To help achieve this we plan on producing even more quality blog content, go back to basics with link building, and keep a close eye on 2023 Google search trends.

So there you have it, a little insight into our plans for the year ahead. Should you require any help with your website, its rankings, producing creative content, bespoke graphics or artwork, then please get in touch. We’d love to hear your plans and ideas for 2023, and work with you to help achieve them.

Until next time, keep it Tidy!


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