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DNS & Hosting Updates 2023

16th December, 2022

Earlier this week one of our VPS (Virtual Private Servers) experienced a few issues, impacting both mail and DNS connectivity. After two days on hold I finally spoke to someone at Media Temple (the VPS provider) who said;

recently there has been increased malicious traffic across Media Temple name servers. As a result of this, our system engineers have had to deploy ongoing mitigation techniques in order to keep DNS resolving in whole, however this has the side effect of causing some crawling services such as Google to report no DNS found.

I was then told there is no real resolution, and this mitigation must stay in place to keep DNS operating as a whole. Obviously this is not ideal, so to bypass this Tidy Design will be looking to move DNS away from Media Temple in 2023.

Please note this update will not impact all the websites we host and/or manage, only those we identify as impacted by this mitigation technique. DNS updates can take 24 hours to fully propagate, so we will let you know prior to any change in your records.

Something else Tidy Design will be reviewing over the festive period is our hosting relationship with Media Temple. I’ve always loved this company and its focus on creatives, happy to pay a premium for a premium service! Sadly 2023 is the year Media Temple will retire the brand, and fully integrate into GoDaddy. As of February 2023, all Media Temple accounts, along with their products and services, will become GoDaddy accounts. This is something we need to review, discuss and assess moving forwards.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding above then please do not hesitate to contact us, we’d be happy to help.

Thank you for your time and support.


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