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A quick festive update…

We are finally here… December! Since our last blog post, Team Tidy has been extremely busy with several new and existing projects. Jonno has been a trooper developing and supporting software for Kidney Research UK.

Luke has been busy designing a new and exciting web app, MyMaternity, which enables women to make informed decisions on where they can have their babies.

Mike’s feet rarely touch the ground and has had two meetings and a conference in the past week alone. And as for me, I have been dealing with VAT deadlines, payroll, invoicing and the incredibly important task of hanging the tinsel up.

We have settled nicely into our lovely new office at Port Solent, and we are building some nice friendships with other fellow businesses within the building. Julie, the manageress of Pure Offices regularly puts on a coffee morning, with the last one being held on Halloween. Each office could enter the pumpkin carving competition, and we are very proud to announce that Mike won the competition with his fantastic design!

I have now informed him that we will be entering the gingerbread house competition which is being held at the office Christmas get together, much to his dismay.

Mike has also put his creative flare to good use, with some amazing illustrations that he drew for the project MyMaternity. For all the parents out there who have had a baby of their own, we know that during pregnancy we become obsessed over how big our baby is compared to a fruit or vegetable. Mike has drawn 36 illustrations all of fruit and veg, which enables the user of MyMaternity to see what size her baby is during her weeks of pregnancy. We are still however unsure what a Swiss Chard is, even after several Google searches of it.

We now have less than 3 weeks left till the big day, and with home and the office decorated with all sorts of festive treats, we are ready for the main event. Our workload however is far from complete… With impending deadlines and more meetings in the diary, we are still firing on all cylinders and there is no chance of winding down just yet. But when it reaches the evening of the 22nd December, you can be sure that we will all be well and truly ‘clocked off’ for a gloriously long week and a bit.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year, thank you for reading.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Our Tidy Design office will be closing on Friday 22nd December (mid-day), and re-opening on Wednesday 3rd January 2018. If anything urgent crops up during the festive holidays then please do email support[at], we will get back to you ASAP!

Olive Tree – Pen Sketch

Whilst on holiday in Italy this summer I did a lot of drawings, most of these doodles got given to my two boys who coloured them in, however a couple I kept for myself… Below is an olive tree, a quick pen sketch I did following a drive around Umbria, viewing its many olive gardens.

Olive Tree - Pen Sketch

Here are a few photographs I took of an olive garden, some pretty spectacular scenery;

Olive Trees 03

Olive Trees 02

Olive Trees 01

Following my olive tree sketch I started work on an olive tree branch, probably my favourite doodle of the holiday…

Olive Branch Sketch 01

Olives Sketch 02

Olive Branch Illustration

Personally I find illustration, fine art, painting etc a great escape… It really helps me to unwind and switch off from the busy World we live, a World heavily influenced by tech, social media and computer screens. So to conclude; I hope you liked my olive tree / olive branch sketches, please visit our illustration page for more tidy art, doodles and paintings…


A Surprisingly Busy Summer!

Summer is generally a quiet time for us all. The kids are off for the holidays, most of us are holidaying abroad somewhere to catch some sun, and for those people who did see the sun in the UK, were making the most of it sitting in their garden or trying desperately to top up their tans on Southsea beach. But for those in the vicinity of the Royal Naval Club in Old Portsmouth, they would have heard the faint but fast tapping of keyboards from within Tidy Design HQ.

Throughout the summer, Tidy Design has been busy with a handful of new and exciting projects. As well as the Royal Beach Hotel mentioned in another blog post, the summer months also saw the launch of local opticians Cameron Davies and saw the development of total helicopter solutions company, Heli Operations.


Cameron Davies brief was simple, to develop a modern, fresh and simple website to showcase their services and glasses. We were provided with some brilliant photos of glasses that had been taken in front of Portsmouth landmarks, and it was without hesitation that we put these straight onto the homepage. A lot of website tennis was going on, with us and Cameron Davies going back and forth with ideas and edits to make this website as best as it could be. The result being exactly what they had asked for, modern, fresh and simple!


Although Heli Operations was not launched till September, for the last couple of months Team Tidy have been exceptionally busy with the development of this site. The finish result was always in our mind, to build a site that was slick, corporate and exciting. With the team of Heli Operations exhibiting at the Monaco Yacht Show later this month, it was extremely important to get this site launched on time and looking first class. We say it each time we launch a new site that ‘it’s the best site we have done’, and with this site we feel no different and are truly very proud of it!

Rosie Ward

Portsmouth Skyline

Are you looking for a free Portsmouth skyline photo, sketch effect or painting? Using a photo I took last weekend in Gosport, I have today created yet another tidy freebie for you to use on commercial or non-commercial projects.

Photo - Portsmouth Skyline

Photo – Portsmouth Skyline

Sketch - Portsmouth Skyline

Sketch – Portsmouth Skyline

Painting - Portsmouth Skyline

Painting – Portsmouth Skyline

If you decide to use these Portsmouth skyline images as part of your project, please tell us about it below. Finally, you are not permitted to resell or distribute our Free Stuff via any third party sites – Please keep this in mind, be awesome!

Download Images (.ZIP)

The Olympic Torch visits Southsea

Yesterday evening it was reported 70,000 people visited Southsea Common to view the Olympic torch passing through our seaside town… Hope you like my pic?

Seeing the Olympic torch at Southsea Common was pretty cool, it is something I won’t be seeing again in my lifetime! Personally I am not for or against the Olympic games; if it unites different cultures, gets families out the house on a Sunday evening, children doing more sports etc, then that is ok with me… All in all it was a great atmosphere, a day my wife, baby boy and I won’t forget.

Free Daffodil Pictures

Firstly I hope our Tidy Blog readers, clients and twitter followers are having a great Easter weekend… Earlier today I took my camera out and about to capture some more free stock photography, below I have uploaded just a few free daffodil pictures for you to enjoy:

Free Daffodil Pictures 1

Free Daffodil Pictures 2

Free Daffodil Pictures 3

Free Daffodil Pictures 4

Please feel free to use these free daffodil pictures for your own projects, commercial or non-commercial. All we ask in return is not to re-sell or distribute these daffodil photos via any third party websites, please be one awesome dude and link back to this page!

Photos of the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth

The Spinnaker Tower has become one of the South’s most prominent landmarks; it is something that catches my eye every time I drive into Portsmouth. Situated at Gunwharf Quays, the Spinnaker Tower offers panoramic views of Portsmouth Harbour and the Isle of Wight, on a clear day you can see for miles!

Photos of the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth 1

Photos of the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth 2

Photos of the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth 3

Photos of the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth 4

Above: Today I took several stock photos of the Spinnaker Tower, please feel free to use these images for your own projects, commercial or non-commercial. All we ask in return is not to re-sell or distribute these Spinnaker Tower stock photos via any third party websites. Please add a link back to this page.

Like these photos? Please click here to see more… Until next time our awesome Tidy Blog readers, take care and keep it tidy!

Southsea Castle Stock Photos

As its the last day of 2011, what better time to dress up warm and take a long walk down Southsea beach with the family. As per usual I took my camera, below you will find three Southsea Castle stock photos:

Southsea Castle Stock Photos 2

Southsea Castle Stock Photos 1

Southsea Castle Stock Photos 3

At Tidy Design we love giving away free stuff, so please feel free to use these Southsea Castle stock photos for your own projects… All we ask in return is not to re-sell or distribute these photographs via any third party websites. Please be one tidy dude and link back to this page.

Like these photos? Please click here to view more… Wishing all Tidy Blog readers an awesome 2012!

Black and White Photos of Petworth Park

After a very busy week back at Tidy Design, today was the day I planned to chill out with my little boy and watch Wales beat France in the Rugby World Cup… Ok, that didn’t go according to plan, and after a pretty emotional morning for Welsh rugby, the wife and I went to Petworth Park for a long walk with our newborn son.

Petworth Park Stock Photography

I took lots of photos on our trip, today experimenting in black and white photography accompanied with a grainy film filter… I’ve uploaded a small selection below:

Petworth Park Stock Photography 2

A group of tall oak trees in Petworth Park

Petworth Park Stock Photography 3

Close up of an oak tree in Petworth Park

Petworth Park Stock Photography 4

Petworth Park, fields / trees as far as the eye can see…

A small selection of macro shots

At Tidy Design we enjoy all things creative, from fine art and illustration to web and digital design… If it involves making things look pretty or thinking outside the box, then bring it on! Below I have uploaded a small selection of photos I took today on the awesome Olympus XZ-1 f1.8, a variety of macro shots that I was pleased with…

macro shot 1

Above: Macro shot of a raspberry

macro shot 2

Above: Macro shot of a sunflower

macro shot 3

Above: Macro shot of a pear / pear tree

macro shot 4

Above: Macro shot of an acorn

macro shot 5

Above: Macro shot of another sunflower

I think it is great fun taking photos and creating your own stock photography archive, not only does it capture happy memories (like todays trip to Milford pick your own), but it also saves you money! I dread to think how much we have spent on stock photos over the years!

Anyway… one thing’s for sure, I have well exceeded my five fruit a day!!! Hope you like the pics?