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What is an infographic?

6th April, 2012

If you look through our SEO page above or read through the Tidy Blog then you will see we believe websites should offer quality content accompanied with some form of linkbait.

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If you can deliver this, offering real value to your website visitors then people should link to you, tell friends about you, tweet or like you, all this boosting a sites organic search results, increasing brand awareness and saving you money on link building campaigns… Result!

Another way to attract quality backlinks to your website would be to map out, develop and launch a successful infographic… Ok, Infographics are not new to the world of SEO and you will need to market it! Also, quality content alone pasted onto a large .jpg file will probably not generate the quality links you want!

Infographic Designers Portsmouth

When mapping out your infographic remember data needs to flow! A successful infographic will relay useful information to its readers using well-positioned typography, graphics and photos. At a glance the infographic needs to tell a story, relaying the facts / figures quick and easy to all who view it.

Think of your infographic as something beautiful and engaging that people will understand and want to share with each other… If you look at it and think “AMAZING!” then chances are the infographic created will benefit you, your website and its future search results.

Do you have an idea for an infographic that may assist your business? Are you looking for an infographic designer based in Portsmouth, Hampshire? If the answer is “yes” to any of these then please drop us an email with your infographic requirements, we would be delighted to help.

Remember: All great stories come in three parts, a beginning, middle and end… When mapping out your infographic try to remember this… Good luck and please visit our blog again soon for more news, tips and tidy SEO ideas. Have a great Easter weekend 🙂

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