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Welcoming Mr Jordan Terry, a coder from Gosport!

21st July, 2011

Jordon Terry

Yesterday my wife and I interviewed for the P/T coder job vacancy at Tidy Design, we have had lots of CV’s over the months however finding time to filter out the good from the bad, pencil in interview dates and take time away from our busy work schedule is difficult!

So, forwards and upwards as they say! Next month Jordan will become the latest member of Tidy Design, a new chapter will be starting, and we have high hopes for him within our business… May this be the start of something great!

Lets face it… With so much on one person’s plate, certain things may get missed, overlooked or take longer than they should… I am a strong believer in working clever as well as working hard, and if like me you are working crazy hours then maybe now is the time to step back and assess how best to move forwards.

Tidy Design is fortunate being pretty busy during tough economic times; we are also very lucky to have such great supportive clients… It is therefore down to us to keep delivering competitive quotes, build on new and existing business relationships and making sure Tidy Design keeps on growing!

I am very excited for the future and I believe upcoming changes to Tidy Design will benefit both our clients and us… Watch this space!

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