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Web Design Consultants Hampshire

2nd August, 2012

Are you looking for a web design consultant in Portsmouth, Hampshire? Here at Tidy Design we love to hear all about our customers plans for their websites.

Meeting regularly with both our new and existing customers is always a pleasurable occasion for us, since it helps us to gain valuable insight into the objectives and aims our customers have for their businesses.

As a company, we are passionate about the benefits that great web design, SEO work, branding and marketing have to offer in terms of generating increased customer awareness of your product or service. This in turn turn leads to increased sales and income for your company while improving customer satisfaction with their online experience, leading to recommendations and repeat business.

As in-house content writer at Tidy Design, I was delighted to accompany Mike on a visit last week to a new customer based in Hampshire, who is currently expanding his mobile disco business.

We began with a brief chat about his company during which he offered a fascinating insight into how the mobile DJ-ing business has evolved in recent years. He showed Mike and I photographs of a bespoke state of the art D.J. booth he is currently having specially manufactured. This and the superb array of equipment he has to offer his clientele provide unique selling points that instantly elevate his business above the major competition in his chosen line of work.

Listening carefully to our customer’s preferences regarding website design, we agreed with him that a modern yet elegant approach would be wholly appropriate for his chosen audience of wedding parties, corporate events and sweet sixteen parties.

Chatting over coffee we explored a number of ideas and it was agreed that we would put a logo and holding page together whilst the main site was undergoing construction.

Creating unique, bespoke websites tailor made to suit the specifics of our client’s business is just one of the areas we pride ourselves on at Tidy Design. We share our customers’ love of business and thoroughly enjoy developing new ideas and creating unique company identities, helping to raise brand awareness via logos, unique content and carefully orchestrated SEO campaigns.

Wishing our customer all the very best as he sets about launching his business, we shook hands and agreed to contact him shortly with our logo and brand designs for him to approve.

With another great customer welcomed to Tidy Design we look forward to working closely with him and wish him all the very best with his business.

Kerry McPhail

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