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Newsletter Design Portsmouth

27th July, 2012

Earlier this week yet another bespoke newsletter was designed in-house for one of our tidy clients…

Ok… I will not lie, when Large and Gibson Solicitors told me the logo we designed, site we built and marketed was going to be taken offline due to an opportunity to join Quality Solicitors I was pretty gutted!

That said, it is nice we have kept in touch and still do the occasional bit of work for them… They have also been pretty awesome, recommending us to various companies in the area, for this we are extremely grateful.

Anyway, if you are looking for a newsletter designer based in Portsmouth, Hampshire then why not send Tidy Design a quick email with your requirements, we would love to hear from you… Remember, communication in business is mega important! Be it blogging, tweeting or sending out company newsletters to clients, we all need to keep connected…

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