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International SEO

21st October, 2013

Reaching global audiences has never been easier thanks to the increasing rise of technology and social media. So when it comes to utilising SEO – Search Engine Optimisation – to raise awareness of your company internationally, what methods can you best employ to achieve success?

Social Media

First of all, as with any great campaign, you will need to examine all your resources and set clear objectives as to who your target audience is.

Next identify what it is that you wish to share with them and how you would like them to respond by way of return. Explore ways to ensure this process is creative, enjoyable and measurable and you have the beginnings of a great SEO campaign.

Strategically targeting potentially profitable markets from the outset of your International SEO campaign will enable you to test and engage with specific audiences appropriately. Adjusting to language and cultural preferences, remember to consider the differences in international web structure as you proceed. You will also need to allow for differing behaviours, attitudes and seasonal variations in each country you are seeking to connect with.

Take time to research your competitors closely, in relation to which content works best with which audience groups. It will help you to connect more readily with your potential customers as your international SEO campaign progresses.

Be friendly and helpful, alerting your readers to more suitable versions of content, rather than simply setting automatic redirects.

Employing a native translator can be a wise move, enabling you to tailor bespoke content to your readers’ needs, rather than simply utilising Google Translate.

Undertaking keyword research with the countries and languages you have selected by identifying local search volumes for relevant keywords in each county and language via the most used search engine of that country – Google’s Keyword Tool will stand you in good stead.

As with any great SEO campaign, offering fresh compelling content that adds value to your readership, inspires, informs and assists them, will greatly increase the likelihood that they will remember your company, recommend you to others and return to use your products and services time and again.

Kerry McPhail

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