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How much will a website cost to build?

11th January, 2012

Looking for a UK website design company to help your business grow online? Want to know the approximate cost for a bespoke website design or maybe the cost of a start-up website? We are here to help…

How much will a website cost to build?

Above is a preview of the NEW and improved website calculator, a system we decided to re-build and re-launch just two days ago! A massive thanks to our coder Ben for all his hard work on this!

If you would like to know how much a bespoke website would cost to build then why not give it a go, this four step tidy tool will do the maths for us, emailing you an approximate web design cost within seconds!

Lets face it; in today’s economic climate it is a good idea to shop around, get a few different quotes, take a detailed look at a companies portfolio, update costs, services and products etc… You will probably find quotes varying from a few hundred to a few thousand, this depending on your website requirements and the type of company / freelancer you contact.

Please Note: For a front end designer or backend programmer to give an accurate quote for any new website build, you the client must clearly identify your website requirements and expectations… Website content, company branding and website stock photography should also be high up on your to-do list… Tidy Design can offer support with this for an additional charge.

So to conclude, for a FREE no obligation online quote, please visit our all singing all tidy dancing website calculator. If you found the above helpful then why not post your feedback below, we would love to hear from you!

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