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FREE Winter Stock Photography from Tidy Design V2

27th December, 2010

FREE Winter Stock Photography from Tidy Design V2

After lots of nice food and wines during this festive period we have been burning off the calories by taking long walks in the snow and doing lots of sledging!

Yesterday I even took a video when travelling face first down an icy hill, very exciting stuff! You can see this video on YouTube, please click here to view it.

Following on from a blog post I made earlier this month on Tidy Design that contained a link to several FREE winter stock photographs, I have today been tidying up even more FREE winter stock images for you, these all taken over the last couple of weeks.

Although I am no expert at photography I have really enjoyed venturing out into the woods and snapping away in the snow… Out of a good couple of hundred photos I have managed to capture a few decent photos for you to download. I hope you find a good home for them.

Have a tidy New Year!

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