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Business Resolutions and Tidy Targets for 2012

23rd December, 2011

Hello Tidy Blog readers… This week we shut up shop for Christmas and New Year. Ok it was pretty manic getting the to-do list done, month-end signed off, staff PAYE processed, website updates and SEO reports sent out… but with some hard work and a few early starts, the job got done! Great work Rosie, Jason, Jordan and Ben AKA the Tidy Team, thanks for your continual support, it has been a great year!

Business Resolutions and Tidy Targets for 2012

Towards the end of our to-do list I had “send email saying thanks for 2011” which went down really well, a few of our clients replied just hours after sending it with website updates for Jan 2012! This goes to show how keeping in-touch with your clients, letting them know how your business is doing, new products or services you are offering etc is very important! For me, good business means good communication; this is what builds long lasting and strong relationships.

So… What has 2012 got in store for us? Well, below I have outlined just five of our Tidy Design business targets for the New Year ahead.

1. Link bait! Develop more SEO tools such as our FREE Backlink Checker
2. Re-launch / re-brand our Tidy Start-up package (this very near completion)
3. Work closer with our existing clients, delivering simply awesome results!
4. Stop favours & freebees (Over the last few years I’ve noticed they simply don’t pay off)
5. Keep costs down, no 2012 price increase, website updates from £7.50!!!

Ok, we have a few more targets and ideas in mind for 2012, some of these linked to Tidy Design, others linked to projects such as our Hotel Booking Reservation System or the development of Montgomery Moon and Business Networking Link.

I think 2012 will be another difficult year for small and large businesses, I guess the only way to ensure our heads are kept above water is to work harder than our competition, deliver a quality service day in day out and have faith in our brand.

And on that note it is time to relax, stop thinking of 2012 and start enjoying the festive season, with my soon to be three month old baby boy!

Have a Merry Christmas


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