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Are websites for mobile devices, the future of web design?

19th August, 2010

Today we have been asked by one of our clients if we can build a website that can be viewed specifically for iPhones. We are very excited about this project, as this will be our first purpose built site for phones.

I am particularly excited about this project, as it means lots of testing is needed, so potentially this could be a very good excuse for my hubby to purchase me one.

Putting all that aside for one moment, and thinking about how technology has advanced within such a short time is astonishing. I remember watching Back to the Future 2 when they thought watching someone on a screen whilst having a phone conversation with them was something totally futuristic.

With technology advancing so quickly, has anyone stopped to think about potential consequences. Ok, I know your head won’t blow off if you are using a phone, but only a few decades ago people didn’t know that smoking was bad for you.

Maybe the script writers of Terminator were right…..maybe technology will take over the world without us even realising it.

……Still want an iPhone though!

Rosanna Ward

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