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2020 Digital Marketing Tips

15th January, 2020

Over the past few years, so much has changed in the world of web tech and organic search, the days of SEO packages (and quick fixes) have long gone! When it comes to online marketing and finding someone to help promote your business, I’d avoid the jack of all trades master of none. If it sounds too good to be true, then it often is… Why not consider hiring an expert in a specific field, think quality over quantity, long term over a quick fix. Also box clever, so do something different.

Below I have mapped out three digital marketing tips for you to consider in 2020, I hope you find them useful. So, in no particular order (drum roll please):

Content Marketing

Content marketing has really grown in popularity. Be it video production, graphic designers producing stunning infographics that go viral, or a content writer who posts insightful blog articles for all to read. We all love quality content!

When it comes to content marketing you need to ensure that the content you release is unique and informative. This goes back to my “quality over quantity” statement above, don’t rush or post content just for the sake of it. Google will favour quality content over poorly thought out (rushed or copied) content. The same applies to your end user, people want to find value or engage.

Employing a content marketer could really help boost brand awareness. The question is what content would work best for you (your business, customers and sector)? Graphics and photos, these could go on Instagram. Videos could go on YouTube. Articles and news, personally I’d look to keep all content on your blog / website, however you could post these to LinkedIn or Facebook.

Website Optimisation

With Google rolling out featured snippets and structured data, site speed and performance checks, mobile first indexing, etc. Now is the time to think ahead and assess how new tech can benefit your website. It is time to get your house in order, perfect website content, add better photos, review meta and title tags, check over content again, test usability and page speed, simply make it perfect!

First a quick look at featured snippets; these are search results that can appear top of Google (below any ads) in a nice prominent box. Featured snippets are located above position one on Google, they are position zero, best in the business! Featured snippets AKA “answer boxes” aim to answer questions right away. Being featured here means you get additional brand exposure in a Google search result. FYI, position zero is not for sale and it will be hard to obtain. Multiple studies confirm a majority of featured snippets are the result of long-tail keywords (page content very specific to a search). So you really need to review and perfect your website content in order to obtain one – make sure it delivers! On-site optimisation could help with this (how code is formatted and presented to Google bots), however so can a content writer. I’d also suggest looking at Google Schema and how Structured Data works, ask the question “what can be included on my own website to impress (influence) Google search?”

Website speed and performance will also be a big factor in 2020 and beyond. If you’d like to find out more about this, please check out an earlier blog post What is GTmetrix?

Social Media Marketing

People make a living off the back of social media, some sell ads whilst other promote their businesses through it. Social media has a huge user base, people are glued to their phones 24/7! Because of this new age thirst for followers and likes, companies now exist that focus purely on social media marketing.

Employing someone (or a company) to manage your social media is certainly an option if you do not have the time nor want. An initial time investment would be needed for them to get to know your business, sector, staff, etc, thus allowing them to create engaging posts relevant to your business. As well as producing relevant content, the trick here is to be regular and consistent with your posts. It is also important to pick a platform that works for your business, pick a couple that you feel will generate a return on investment (this question gets answered when looking at your target audience).

A final note regarding social media account(s), why not look into “shoppable media posts” and make sure you direct people back to your website. You could even look into sponsored ads within Facebook and Instagram, allowing you to pop up directly on your target audience’s phone when they scroll…

The conclusion

In 2020 look at making your website the best it can be. Keep up to date with new tech, improve and develop its content, add new content and link to all of this via your social media accounts. I hope this blog post has provided some food for thought and given you a few ideas.

If you would like Tidy Design to assist with your 2020 marketing strategies, review your website or create a plan of action then please give us a call or email. We’d be happy to help and also work around your 2020 marketing budget.

Thank you for reading and see you again soon!


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