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You’ve gotta know your audience!

20th September, 2012

Great content that is both compelling and informative is a great way to engage new and existing customers with your business’ products and services. Of course the key to a highly effective marketing strategy is identifying and engaging with potential new customers at the same time as retaining the loyalty and custom of your existing ones.

know your audience

Knowing who to target with your content marketing is all about understanding who the audience are that your company are seeking to reach. It is entirely possible that your business may have more than one audience to appeal to. If this is the case, why not consider creating a persona – an imaginary person who represents a group of people that your company is seeking to reach?

Creating a persona is a great starting point for developing interesting ideas and angles, while tailoring your content to be both specific and relevant to the demographic of your particular audience.

Consider the lifestyle of your intended audience – age, background, job, interests. Are they likely to use social media? What is it that they are wishing to achieve and why? How do these desires tie in with what your service or product has to offer them?

Creating a bespoke message and great incentives for customers to become engaged with you will result in a highly successful marketing strategy.

Using a persona enables you to address a target audience clearly when compiling great content – it helps you identify exactly who you are writing for and why, ensuring your message truly resonates with your audience.

Great content is funny, valuable and informative – and is highly likely to be shared with others! Creative content helps raise the profile of your business expanding your potential customer base and all the while adding value to your customers’ experience of your company.

Kerry McPhail

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