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Why Google Plus is Necessary

24th September, 2013

Google search is inclining steadily towards simpler methods of data retrieval, merging personalised searches and social searches in their results pages.

Why Google Plus is Necessary

As expected, the changes are having a major impact on traditional online marketing techniques. Billions of searches take place worldwide daily, so building your company’s brand up via Google+ is essential to your continued success.

Google+ will greatly improve your business’ search visibility. Choosing to be proactive and building a presence on Google+ involves increasing the number of people you have in your circles in addition to re-shares and +1’s of website content.

Why not optimise your content on Google+? Including the rel=”author” tag and reciprocating it with your Google+ profile, this is a highly effective way to increase a page ranking. Opting to make your Google+ button / account highly visible is vital as it will increase the likelihood of your readership clicking it.

Finally, why not make the most of any existing social networking site you have that already have a following – including Twitter and Facebook. Promoting links to your Google+ profile/page via these networks will enable you to build up a highly effective online presence.

Kerry McPhail

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