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What is 9 to 5?

9th August, 2010

Evening all! Just a quick blog post before I get stuck into some more web design work at Tidy Design. For those who don’t know me, my name is Michael Jon Ward and I do thrive off late nights, long hours, strong coffee, business and the occasional glass of red wine!

You could argue the hours I dedicate to Tidy Design and our other business ventures are not normal behaviour! I am however very fortunate to have a wife who not only believes in me, supports my wacky ideas, and even tolerates the occasional 16+ hour day! If it was not for her I would probably still be thinking about starting a business and not physically be in business!

Anyway, I think being your own boss is both exciting and rewarding… It is not 16 hours of work to me… More like 16 hours of fun! Ok, being in business is not easy and it does test us all from time to time however doing something you enjoy in life is so important! Sadly, falling into a routine you hate does become a hard habit to beat!

So what is 9 to 5 to Tidy Design? Well, the short answer is “not an option!” We really want to build up our business and develop / promote our brand across Hampshire, Surrey, London and the UK! We fully understand this will require long hours, hard work and dedication, and in today’s economic climate I think businesses with passion and hunger are those who will succeed.

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