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Google Search Console

31st January, 2020

Using Google Search Console to target keywords

Here at Tidy Design we like to notify clients about potential keywords they could be targeting on Google. These suggestions are based on data exported from Google Search Console (how they have been ranking in recent weeks or months).

Google Search Console is a pretty awesome tool for webmasters and web developers. Using Google Search Console we can export data linked to your search queries, your pages, your search appearance, and impressions. We can also check for website issues or errors, test mobile usability and use PageSpeed Insights.

Reviewing this kind of data can reveal exciting new keyword opportunities. For example; what search queries are you ranking highest for? How many clicks are you getting in relation to the number of impressions a page receives?

What is an impression?

An impression is when your website (URL) gets recorded. So it has appeared in a search result for a user. An impression does not mean that your website was visited, it simply means it appeared on a result page.

By looking at “query impressions” and “page impressions”, we can identify areas that could generate you more potential traffic. Our suggestions are based on historic search data, how your website has been ranking in recent weeks or months. By joining the dots we can develop and perfect page content, thus increasing the click through rate. Impressions = clicks = more traffic on your website.

Google obviously likes the website featured above. We know this because pages are appearing when users search for certain keywords (our screenshot shows the top page receiving almost 18K impressions). In this instance; why not review the keyword density of a page, update the page title, add better photos or re-jig page content to include more H tags or even some structured data! Why not try and make the page perfect!

Anyway, I hope this post has provided some food for thought. If you would like Tidy Design to review your Google Search Console data and send over a few suggestions then please get in touch. We’d be happy to help.


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