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Twitter backgrounds for business

13th January, 2012

Are you using social sites such as twitter to market and promote your business online? If so, chances are people will be clicking on your websites “follow us on twitter” banner or twitter icon to view your company twitter page.

Twitter backgrounds for business

Are you looking for a unique twitter background image or a professional looking twitter page designed to be consistent with your website / brand?

A custom-built twitter background can make a real impression on your clients (old and new) as well as enhance your brand identity… Lets face it; the only way to ensure that your twitter page doesn’t look like millions of others on the web is to create a bespoke twitter theme with a unique background image.

Twitter themes

You could even take this a step further; why not have a twitter background designed for annual events such as Christmas, Valentines, Halloween or Easter! Each twitter background designed to be in-sync with the occasion, giving visitors the “Awesome twitter page!” factor!

At Tidy Design we simply love all things creative, most days (and nights) you will find our heads buried into Photoshop or some web / brand development project! To discuss your company twitter page, its design and development please do not hesitate to contact us.

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