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Time to repay a favour

21st May, 2012

A client of ours phoned Friday afternoon asking for a website re-design, loosely based on their existing site, the spec was to keep it stylish but re-jig content / pages to mirror a recent restructure in their business…

Time to repay a favour

And one more thing… the deadline for this website re-build was like YESTERDAY! Taking into account my wife and baby boy both away that weekend, a recent delivery of super strength espresso and the fact I truly wanted to help, this mission was gracefully accepted!

We have known the owners of Westfield Hall for a couple of years now, a few months SEO work was commissioned and we manage all updates to their website. One of the reasons I took on this re-build is because the owners are really nice, when Rosie (my wife and partner in the business) gave birth to our baby boy back in September 2011, it was Westfield Hall that accommodated my parents, looking after them well…

In business and life I feel it is good to be nice to others; be it your suppliers, clients or staff, being nice costs nothing! People also remember when you are good to them, and often they will repay the favour.

It was good fun turning around this small brochure site in a day! The client (as you’d expect) was very happy seeing it go live this morning, all in all a job well done.

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