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Tidy Design…..Wanaka?

6th August, 2010

If you Google Tidy Design, the 2nd item on the drop down list is Tidy Design Wanaka. There are different versions of the Tidy name when you Google us, but we are pleased to see that we are number one on the list.

It makes me chuckle to see that Tidy Design Wanaka based approx 12,000 miles away from us in a gorgeous little town in New Zealand, happens to be the same town where my brother lives.

Last year when I visited him I happened to walk past their shop….and I have to say a tincey pang of jealousy crept through me. Their shop is literally a stones throw away from the amazing Lake Wanaka, it’s in a central location, and there happens to be a very good cafe called Kai Whakapai a few doors down.

I look outside the window in Portsmouth…it’s a Friday afternoon in August and it’s raining and cold and I am even considering putting the heating on. I think about what my brother would be doing on a typical Friday afternoon over in NZ, and the image of him sitting on his balcony looking at the snow top mountains drinking an espresso is coming to mind…..either that or he is driving his bogey green coloured car with music blaring and cigarette ash flying out of the drivers seat window.

We know we have amazing lives and we wouldn’t swap them for any other in the world…..but we just ask Tidy Design Wanaka, if they ever want to sell up, think of us first! 😉

Rosanna Ward

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