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Tidy Days out in Southsea – A Good Place for Business

3rd March, 2011

Tidy Days out in Southsea - A Good Place for Business

Earlier today my wife and I AKA Tidy Design took a rare morning / afternoon off to stretch our legs and inhale some sea air! To be honest we have been mega busy with work, 2011 kicked off with a bang and our feet are yet to touch the ground! Being in business I feel it is important to find time to think… We can all get lost in our to-do lists and not allocate enough time to relax, reflect or plan our next moves.

Anyway, as per usual I took my camera along and snapped away! A few photos taken on Southsea beach I later edited and added above… Trust me, it looks warmer than it actually was!

Living and working in Southsea is awesome, however it is easy to forget what great surroundings we have just a short walk away! Southsea offers a theatre, endless coastal walks, a common, selection of restaurants, bars, hotels, regular events, shops and more!

Tidy Design is lucky to be working with lots of these local businesses; recommendations have played a big part in the growth of our web design company and we now work with some big businesses in Southsea ranging from Clarence Pier, The Queens Hotel, The Fitted Bedroom Centre, Back Care Beds, WH Hotel, Portsmouth Language College and many more! Working with businesses on our door step has allowed us to build awesome relationships and solid friendships with companies I first noticed when studying at Portsmouth University! How times have changed!

If you are a business based in Southsea then we would love to hear from you, please feel free to post your thoughts on the area… Maybe like us you occasionally escape to the sea front to blow away those cobwebs, re-boot the mind and re-charge for business? For such a small town Southsea truly has lots to offer all who live here and visit!

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