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The importance of the World Wide Web

24th September, 2010

The importance of the World Wide Web

I was on the BBC website today whilst drinking my afternoon coffee when I came across an article about Mr Bill Gates. It said Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has been named as the wealthiest person in the US for the 17th year in a row by Forbes magazine! So what does this list tell us about money, business and where we can expect to find future generations of billionaires?

Well, one of the fortunate few during these tough economic times to be growing in wealth included Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, whose wealth increased by a massive 245%, putting him number 35 in the rich list! Let’s face it; technology, social networking sites, websites, internet marketing, mobile devices, mobile apps etc are changing the world we know. We live in a high speed, high-octane, information age… A time when you need to keep learning, developing, pushing forward new ideas and keeping up with current trends. Maybe the key is that simple, watch out for great opportunities and then jump on the bandwagon right away! What ever it is, one thing I am sure about is the importance / influence of the World Wide Web… It is not going anywhere!

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