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The Importance of Good Customer Relationships

28th September, 2010

The Importance of Good Customer Relationships

I have not long got back from a meeting with the Queens Hotel in Portsmouth, one of our first ever SEO clients! The meeting was to finalize the re-branding of there website, discuss the hotel booking system and how best we can utilise the 10,000+ visits they see each month!

At Tidy Design we believe it is very important to look after the people who pay our wages, I mean we have several large companies on our books that require website updates on a regular basis, this means we go the extra mile when it comes to building customer relationships, making the updates and offering our support.

A strong business relationship is so important in today’s ever competitive world! As a web design company Tidy Design gets hundreds of spam emails each month offering cheap SEO & freelance work in India, so called Google representatives wanting to boost our traffic / rankings, people trying to sell us Chinese domain names etc… With this in mind I am sure our clients also get these emails, so what makes them choose (stay with) us? Is it really something as simple as a good customer relationship!

So to conclude… If you are starting a business then try going that extra mile to keep your customers happy. If they give you lots of work each month then be grateful and do it to the best of your ability, offer them a service they won’t find elsewhere! If on the other hand they call saying “hey my website is out of date” after two years of not hearing from them… Bite your tongue and be polite! And if they keep promising lots of work that never happens, don’t get angry or think “not this again!”… Keep your cool and hopefully one day they will proceed!

At Tidy Design we believe good customer relationships are vital for business growth and development. Remember, learn from your mistakes, keep your cool and be polite… This will guarantee positive feedback and recommendations from your customers. I hope you have enjoyed this blog post? Please feel free to post your comments below… We would love to hear your thoughts / stories about customer relationships.

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