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Ten tips for working from home:

18th August, 2010

1) Every morning get dressed into something casual/smart. If you’re a girl, do you hair and put on some makeup. Going to work in your pyjamas with sleepy eyes is definitely not something that will help your work progress.

2) Before work, go out to the shops to buy some milk, drop the kids off at school, or walk the dog. This way you will feel like you are actually commuting to work.

3) Never eat breakfast or lunch in the office. Clearly distinguish between the work place and your home.

4) Once you clock off from work, try to resist going back into the office to check emails and do odd jobs. Evening and weekend time is play time.

5) Try to resist doing housework during work time. If needs be, put the wash on in the morning, and take it out during lunch time.

6) Separate the work landline from the home landline. It is not professional if you are talking for an hour to a friend on the work phone, and clients cannot contact you.

7) Do something in the evenings. Whether it is a walk or doing some gardening, make sure you get out the house!

8) Write To Do lists first thing in the morning, or just before you clock off ready for the next day. Seeing a list which has lots of ticks or highlights through it is very motivational.

9) Try to avoid having clients come to the house. It is better to go and visit them.

10) Don’t be ashamed that you work from home. Working from home can be a very practical and economical way of working.

Rosanna Ward

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