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SEO questions business owners should be asking

7th August, 2011

With no shortage of SEO companies across Portsmouth, Hampshire and the web, Tidy Design though we would list our top X15 SEO questions business owners should be asking! This FREE online test will calculate your individual SEO score and send you the results by email, along with some tidy SEO tips and suggestions to market your siteā€¦ Why not give it a go!

What is a bounce rate on a website

Although we could have asked many more questions, and SEO is not just about the 15 we have asked, we feel they cover the basics of any new SEO campaign. Bespoke marketing solutions, link baiting techniques and website analysis / improvements can get pretty involved; so time spent on this will vary with every SEO campaign.

We hope our online SEO test will get you asking new questions and thinking much more about SEO and how best to grow your business online. If you have any thoughts or suggestions then why not post them below!

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