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Keeping Design Tidy

17th August, 2010

Keeping Design Tidy

So what does this mean? Keeping design tidy? Well, at Tidy Design it means good communication and the positive promotion of a brands identity. Think of it like this… You have a business that sells shoes; my wife (who loves shoes by the way) gets a flyer or email with some promotional offers and a link to your website. What will make her keep the flyer out of our recycle bin or email out of her trash can? It would need to be a tidy design, not a DIY job using clipart or your company history squeezed onto A5! Think about your audience, would a student keep the same flyer that Mrs Jones, the 85 year old who attends bingo twice a week?

Keeping design tidy is more than graphics, typography or slogans… It is about identifying your audience and asking: What do they like? What do they need? What would you want if in their shoes? If you can find these answers then you should be able to find the business. It is not rocket science, understanding your customers needs, expectations and requirements is the foundation of any tidy design.

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