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Introducing Ben Holland and Slidorion the jQuery Plugin

4th November, 2011

Hard to believe it, but about a month ago Ben Holland joined Tidy Design, increasing the number of our tidy team to five! Over the last few weeks Ben has been mega busy, helping us with several projects, and creating the awesome Slidorion, a FREE jQuery plugin in his spare time!


Here is what Ben says about it:

There are plenty of image sliders out there, but nothing that provides enough space to write a lengthy description about that image. Whether it’s a new product or a holiday home in Spain, the Slidorion gives the freedom to do this.

It was developed on a whim really, something that would solve a problem for a friend, but it turned out to be really useful. So I developed it further, making it into a plugin and releasing it for free so that anybody could download and use it. Prior to launch, I submitted Slidorion to a series of popular web design and development sites for review with the intention of having a post written about it on their website telling thousands of readers about how great Slidorion is.

Was it successful? Well just under 6,000 visitors in the first 48 hours isn’t bad. And with some more featured posts and newsletters to come, things are looking good for Slidorion.

If you are a web developer, learning about web design, interested in tutorials etc then check out Slidorion.com. Also, a big thanks to Ben for adding a link to Tidy Design on his site, we really appreciate the backlink!

Slidorion Referring Site

With so much going on at Tidy Design in recent months, having Ben on board has really helped. I am hoping that this is the start of a long and mutually beneficial working relationship, with his help I really want to push Tidy Design (plus some of our other projects) onto another level, improving products, bettering our services and growing / expanding the business across Hampshire, Surrey, London and the South.

A month down the line, I have asked Ben for his thoughts on the weeks gone by:

My first 3 weeks at Tidy Design have been brilliant. It’s safe to say that I was thrown in at the deep end, but I would have had it no other way. Mike and Rosie have been fantastic. How they are running a successful business, taking on extra staff and caring for their little boy Isaac, I don’t know.

My first week consisted of updating the Scaffolding Solutions website and even attending a meeting with a potential client! Who else gets to ride along to meetings on their first week? This was a great experience, one I learnt a lot from and one I hope I get to do again.

I’ve had the pleasure of working on various sites since I started; developing some of our own in-house projects and contributing to the new Home Solutions website. I loved the design of this site and being allowed to contribute my ideas and have them taken on board was a really satisfying feeling. Mike has really put his trust in me, letting me drive forward with the work and making me feel right at home.

I’ve been given some great opportunities so far at Tidy Design (and drunk a lot of tea) and I hope that this can continue for a long time to come. The next 6 months is going to be a really exciting time, one I am very much looking forward too.

So there you have it; introducing Ben Holland, Slidorion and our tidy plans for the future… Please watch this space!

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