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Internet Marketing Consultants in Portsmouth, Hampshire

8th May, 2011

Internet Marketing Consultants in Portsmouth, Hampshire

In today’s ever changing world an understanding of new technologies, Internet marketing techniques and online business is vital for the success of new and established companies.

I mean, websites have become the new shop window for businesses to promote the services and products they offer, a website can give customers you have never met the opportunity to buy products or send enquiries from the other side of the world!

Any business hungry for success, growth and new exciting opportunities should really be considering a website to help boost brand awareness…

But come on, we would say that… After all, we are a web design and Internet marketing company! Below I have listed several things to consider when it comes to SEO and online marketing, enjoy!

Several things to consider about Internet Marketing:

1: What is your marketing budget? – Getting a website built and online will not guarantee a flood of enquiries the next day… SEO can take time and will require continual investment by both parties. A realistic marketing budget is also important, for example competing with Booking.com for £200 per month just aint going to happen! To get an idea of the competition and costing why not assess the cost of various keywords using Google Adwords.
2: What kind of company are you looking for? – Are you looking for someone local who can deliver Internet marketing and face-to-face consultations / support? Maybe you are looking for a bigger company with several offices, hundreds of staff and a likely SEO starting price of 1K per month? Finally, maybe you are looking for a cheaper overseas alternative to keep costs down, but don’t rush into any spam emails you may of received! I believe identifying what it is you are looking for is as important as the marketing budget.
3: What hat are they? – Do you know if the Internet Marketing Company you are considering is into white-hat or black-hat SEO techniques? If in doubt, Google it…
4: The proof is in the pudding – Have you searched Google to see which Internet Marketing or Web Design Company comes top of the search in your area? Try ‘Website Design Portsmouth’ for example… If a company can deliver the required SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) on its own website then they should be able to help you! You would be amazed how much spam we get at Tidy Design offering SEO for prices too good to be true! Sometimes out of interest I Google the company name (something you would expect an Internet marketing company to come top for) and the spammer is nowhere to be seen! So… Would you trust them to promote your business???
5: Who does the company already work with? – Doing your homework is important because Internet marketing is not cheap! Take a long hard look at the Internet marketing agency website, this should tell you a lot about what they do, how they do it and whom they already work with.
6: Feedback is FREE! – Why not call a couple of companies to see how the Internet Marketing agency performed, offered support, replied to queries and delivered outside the box SEO and marketing ideas. The industry of SEO is flooded with individuals / companies promising X for X amount, always do your homework and to check if they deliver. *Please note that no one, not even big G (AKA Google) can guarantee organic search results on set dates!
7: Case studies – If a company offers Internet marketing as a sellable service then they should have a case study or two to prove they can deliver, these taking two seconds to email! Case studies are important as they can prove if certain techniques of SEO really work! Ok, Internet marketing companies may offer different time-scales, costing and recommended techniques however based on past experience no two Internet marketing campaigns are the same! At Tidy Design we have seen sites reach page one of Google after just a few weeks, another campaign (a much harder keyphrase) took us 9 months to see page one!

I hope the above points have helped you think more about Internet marketing and provided some questions to ask Internet marketing companies? You can find out more about our own SEO packages on the SEO tab above.

If you just so happened to stumble across this blog post then please allow me to tell you a little about Tidy Design… Based in Southsea, Portsmouth we are a small but expanding SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and design company with hundreds of happy customers already on our books. We find ranking well with Google generates us ample weekly enquiries and although we have experimented lots with other forms of marketing such as flyers, Yell, email marketing etc, we find most of our business is repeat work, a result of client recommendation or our organic search results (rankings with Google).

As a web design and marketing company we really do enjoy what we do (hence all the free stuff and info we post on our blog). Please feel free to add your thoughts and comments below on SEO and the impact of past / present Internet Marketing campaigns on your business or sector. Thanks again for stopping by and please visit again soon.

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